[30 songs] you’re scared and thinking that maybe we ain’t that young anymore;

Somewhat chronological, visit web though by no means consecutive.

I’ve got twenty minutes left of my lunch break, and since it’s been a couple of days – and since, if I don’t find something to distract myself with, that cookie I’ve got earmarked for my afternoon tea is quickly gonna go the way of that crisp sandwich I’ve just finished – that seems as good a reason as any for a post.

I’ve seen variations of this meme crop up on Facebook, but Ed over at The Mystery Spot has been using these thirty simple – and often repetitive – prompts for slightly more extended pieces of writing. I can’t promise to emulate that, or to stick to his “no repeats” rule, but I’ll do my best.

And I definitely ain’t posting thirty days in a row, but it’ll give me something to write about when I’m struggling.

Day 01 – Your favorite song
People um and ah over what is, when you get right down to it, a simple question. It’s as if the contents of that smart playlist where everything gets five stars are like babies, and you couldn’t just drag one of them from a burning building. It’s too cruel! you say. How can I pick a favourite?

Or, my favourite: But my favourite song changes every day.

I accept that your mood is going to change every day, and that the song you might prefer to listen to might change to match that. But I maintain that it is possible to have an overall, immutable, never-changing favourite.

Mine is about escape from the normal and the open road, which is a pretty common theme in pretty much everything I love. It’s a song by Bruce Springsteen, but it is not (and you might want to challenge me on this, but I don’t care) my favourite Bruce Springsteen song. Because I don’t view it in the same way as I view, for those of you who are curious, “No Surrender”. It’s something separate, and apart, from that.

MOAR LYG:  hard times come, hard times go;

The happiest moment of my life was those few seconds when it dawned on me that I was about to hear it live. You might not believe me when you consider just how much I was crying.

The cookie? Oh, that ship has long sailed.

  • I’m flattered to the max.

    No Surrender’s a good one, Thunder Road, great.

    Me, I like Candy’s Room.

    Thank you 🙂

    • So it turns out there’s actually an “alternative” 30 days on Facebook, with less repetition in the questions.

      I might play along afterwards. It’s a nice wee backup when I’m behind in interviews or reviews.

      I am loving your work, you know.

  • Lisa-Marie

    This is one of my favourite’s too. Not my actually favourite though. My actually favourite is (I think) a tie between Long Time Coming and If I should Fall Behind. I reserve the right to change that though!

  • Rachel

    I happen to be doing something similar on my site; http://rachelapathetic.livejournal.com/

    I’m on day 14. It’s quite nice when your bored out of your mind!

  • No idea what I’d pick as my one and only favourite song, I struggle enough to settle on a consistent favourite band. In fact, I failed miserably trying to build a playlist of 100 favourite songs not so long ago.

    Thunder Road is my favourite Springsteen song (that I’ve heard) though.

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