from present to past: last month’s mix, february 2012;

In which, even when she is being the world’s most rubbish and lazy music blogger, Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

I’m old enough to know better, but I’ve never truly managed to shake off the temptation to be a bit of a last-minuter when it comes to deadlines both real and self-imposed. As a strategy it generally works – I tend to thrive on the pressure in the short-term, and I tend to produce my best work when I don’t have time to faff around.

Where it falls down, however, is when the unforeseen gets in the way – an additional task you never expected, a personal problem or, as was very nearly the case with this post, WHACKING GREAT COMPUTER PROBLEMS. Which was never really unforeseen – I’ve been moaning about it for long enough, and have even had the nature of the problem confirmed by a friend who Knows About These Things, but still. All’s well that ends well, and I suspect I now have three copies of this month’s mix kicking about on various different hosting services. And I’m taking it in this weekend Ewan, I promise.

Besides, the end of this month has snuck up on me while still giving me enough opportunities to spend all my money. Today isn’t even a real day! Cue hi-larious and dubious coverage of people already drawing their pensions who are now old enough to drink! And the social media accounts of every brand you like enough to follow revealing that actually, they’re really into traditional and insulting gender roles. Yes, that old wives’ tale. Are you asking, girls? Giggle, giggle!

Personally, I prefer the approach of the clothing brand who emailed me this morning offering me a 29% discount for Leap Day. Now there’s a stereotype I can get behind.

Noone Can Ever Know: last month’s mix, February 2012

1. Sleigh Bells: “Comeback Kid”
CRASH CRASH. SHRED SHRED. Sleigh Bells’ Reign of Terror might be a heavier listen than its predecessor (see my review for The Arts Desk) but the band have lost none of their volume, brilliance – and, on tracks such as this one, their sense of fun.

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2. Beat Radio: “Hard Times, Go!”
One of my favourite things about what I do is that sometimes I get the opportunity to stumble across songs that sound as if they were written by people who think just like me, in their bedrooms on the other side of the world. One of these days I’m gonna write, like, an essay, about Brian Sendrowitz’s fuzzy, lyrical pop songs and just how much they’ve come to mean to me, but for now I will direct you towards the first instalment of a new album, which has been described as falling somewhere between Darkness on the Edge of Town and Robyn’s Body Talk. Hi, I’m Lis and these days I’m a demographic.

3. Shearwater: “Animal Life”
Back with a seventh album of gorgeous, semi-mythical music.

4. La Sera: “Break My Heart”
Sees The Light the second album from sometime Vivian Girl Katy Goodman’s La Sera project, is due next month – hopefully accompanied by an interview on this very site! Those dream-pop backing vocals take centre stage, and the result makes for a beautiful listen.

5. First Aid Kit: “King of the World”
Swedish sister duo release a second album of harmonious folk that’s crying out desperately for a summery listen. Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst also contributes vocals to this track.

6. Nelson Can: “Apple Pie”
This month’s where-the-FUCK-did-that-come-from moment is courtesy of a Danish all-girl punk band. I’ve only been able to find a link to the Danish iTunes store for their music, but the video (on their website) is adorable.

7. Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band: “Tacitus (Burn Like A Fire)”
I thought that including this track, from Dave Hughes’ split EP with recent tourmate Emma Hallows, was going to be a sad occasion, but apparently more show announcements are coming soon. Yay!

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8. RM Hubbert: “Car Song”
So I’ve been reading the as-yet unpublished first novel by one Lola Smith over the past week or so, and this track (featuring Alex Kapranos and vocals by Aidan Moffat) from the incredible RM Hubbert’s near-perfect Chemikal Underground debut, has become its de facto theme song. For the Scottish connection, obviously, but because there’s him and her and they’re making their escape, although things will never be the same again.

9. Damien Jurado: “Working Titles”
I have seen much excitement about Damien Jurado’s new album, Maraquopa (and there’s a high score in Words With Friends!). I don’t really know enough to share in it, but this is gorgeous.

10. Feist: “The Park”
Although from 2007’s The Reminder, I first heard this song as part of the All Songs Considered podcast’s Valentine special. I felt the song, and the message behind it – to a love that could never be – knife into me; Leslie’s understated vocal delivery sounding exactly like the kind of pain you could never have lived your life without experiencing.

11. The Minor Leagues: “Secret Codes”
From North College Hill.

12. Porcelain Raft: “Put Me To Sleep”
From Strange Weekend.

13. The Twilight Sad: “Dead City”
I’m too exhausted to finish this post properly, but it has to be said that the clanging, industrial claustrophobia of the second greatest thing to come out of Kilsyth’s new album needs to be listened to LOUD.

14. John K Samson: “The Last And”
The Weakerthans man has a solo album, and I pretty much definitely need to write about it.

15. Chris Devotion & The Expectations: “I Ain’t Got No Home”
Armellodie’s latest signings. From new album Amalgamation and Capital.

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  1. Jim
    February 29, 2012 / 11:58 pm

    You should really change that “the world’s most rubbish and lazy music blogger” intro.

    • March 2, 2012 / 1:36 pm

      You know, you’ve got a point there…

  2. The teuchter one
    March 1, 2012 / 12:38 am

    And where is the Kathleen???

    • March 2, 2012 / 1:39 pm

      Um, the only track set aside so far for March? I’M SORRY!!!! 🙁 x

  3. Fafa
    March 1, 2012 / 7:13 pm

    Sleigh Bells are playing Manchester tomorrow. Is it worth going? Will you come with me? x

    • March 2, 2012 / 1:44 pm

      I wish i could! Was meant to see them on Tuesday but the singer was sick! And now I am! x

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