i am going to make it through this year if it kills me;

Obviously, I was considerably younger when the above photograph was taken. 26, in fact.

Happy birthday to me! As I enter my thirieth year on this earth, the last of my twenties, it’s unsurprising that I’m trying to take stock and get the measure of my accomplishments. Life certainly hasn’t turned out in the way I had imagined when I was a precocious little thing in school, but for the most part that’s fine because I’ve done lots of amazing things and met lots of amazing people that I wouldn’t have been able to otherwise.

Goalsetting in the form of a “thirty before thirty” list has been done to death, but I still think it’s a worthwhile exercise. It’ll give me something to focus on every time I start to wail that life is passing me by. For that reason I’ve tried to steer clear of the ridiculous or unachievable. I’m not going to explore Asia on a wing and a prayer and a credit card deficit, and who knows if I’ll ever be my ideal weight? There are a lot of things on this list I’ve been promising I’ll do for ages: making a zine, putting on a gig. This is my way of telling myself to get on with it, then.

Look Ma, I’m A Grown Up!
1. move into somewhere that’s properly my own, like with furniture and stuff. Alternatively, get existing flat looking and feeling the way I want it. It’s only been five years;
2. get my iTunes library sorted out, with proper tags and album artwork;
3. get the wedding photos, scrapbook and thank-you cards organised, done and sent out;

4. make a habit of living off my paycheque rather than credit cards/borrowing (at least three times in a five month period);
5. come off anti-depressants;
6. pass my driving test;
7. attain “inbox zero”;
8. get a cat.

You Only Live Once
9. shout from a rooftop, at least 20 storeys high (h/t Murph);
10. see a sunset.

I’m A Talented Little Monkey, Really
11. write a book. I can, of course, get away with not finishing it but only if I at least make a concerted effort;
12. learn and perform at least one song of my choosing at an open mic;
13. make a zine;
14. put on a gig;
15. make a cheesecake;
16. make my own gin (h/t Duncan);
17. record a podcast;
18. write a song (h/t Kieran);
19. get something published somewhere that even my dad will be impressed by;
20. play with a band

21. see the Weakerthans live (this is a bit of a cheat, as I already have a ticket for later this month thanks to my bezzer);
22. listen to every Bob Dylan album;
23. read Infinite Jest;
24. take at least one trip to a city I’ve never visited;
25. learn something new or develop an existing skill with a course of study

26. have a professional waxing treatment;
27. have a dress designed for me, perhaps for some big ol’ 30th birthday party;
28. go full redhead (if get mistaken for Karen Gillan so much the better);
29. take up some kind of regular fitness/sporty pursuit
30. volunteer for something (h/t Steff).

  • Marko Polo

    Inbox zero takes a lot of will power – and one whole afternoon. YOU CAN DO IT. (nice blog by the way, i’ve been lurking in the shadows for oh, 2 months?) x

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      Well, hello!

      My inbox at the moment features a couple of things that can’t be shifted until some of the other bits and pieces on this list are done – like email my wedding photographer about photos. THAT’S HOW BAD IT IS.


  • http://www.listendontpanic.blogspot.com Fiona

    14. We should rip off Aye Tunes vs Peenko and do Last Year’s Girl vs Listen Don’t Panic. You bring an alt country band, I’ll bring a pop punk band…

    20. Doesn’t ROCK BAND at my house count?? 😉

    • http://blog.ayetunes.org.uk Jim

      Do it, I’ll come.

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      You’d think… 😉

      We totally should. I already know who I’m asking. He should get a crowd…! x

  • Paul

    I’m all for #28…

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      Haha! One of my best friends from uni said she nearly walked by me last night because my hair was so red… but the bleaching to do it properly’s a bit off-putting… x

  • Debbie

    I’ve just sorted out my 3rd iTunes for my sister. Trust me it’s not as big a task as you think it will be :) x

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      Tell that to every shite indie band who sends me incorrectly tagged mp3s… 😉

  • http://vickisadventures.wordpress.com/ Vicki

    30 before 30! Yay!

    Good luck with it and once again, happy birthday my friend. xx

    Pdots it’s a good wee list. I reckon all achievable. Maybe you coulda put Asia on there though cos it is, well, kinda awesome!

    Love xxx

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      I wish I could, it’s just completely inconsistent with #4…

      But hey, you never know! If all else fails, that’ll be my 30th birthday present to myself 😀


  • Jehane

    Glaswegian wax then? Y/Y? :)

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      Post-payday, but Y. And we’re not allowed to ask what it is before we go in 😉

      • Jehane

        Deal! 😀

  • http://www.arbee.co.uk/blog/ Richy

    Nice list. For #10 I recommend the steps of the Sacre Coeur in Paris, although subsequently sinking several bottles of wine, losing your hotel and pouring a large soft drink over the legs of a burger joint bouncer is optional.

    And I know someone who can offer tips/advice/help for #15, if it’s needed :)

  • http://pixlet.net lism.

    Which would also check off #24! The sunset, not the cheesecake… although I bet Paris knows a thing or two about “la patisserie”..! x

  • Ryan

    Happy birthday! Sorry I didn’t manage your night, and the tantalising possibility of Wolfmother tickets. If you haven’t already noticed, the Infinite Summer page on facebook seems to be making noise regarding another readthrough of Infinite Jest sometime soon. I found it really helpful, so may help with 23.

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      You’re forgiven – turns out the pub quiz finished last week for the summer anyway. Bastards.

      Sounds like a plan – I still need to, um, get my hands on a copy of the book but keep me posted… x

  • P

    29 – Do the Shred! Changed me bloody life, you know. Evil Jillian Michaels.

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      You are not the first person to say this. But I’d have to buy a book and I’m resentful!

      • P

        Naw, it’s a DVD. It’s cheap on Amazon (or widely available from naughtier places). 25-30 mins, four times a week, AMAZORZ. I do not normally like cults of fitness or whathaveyou, but it’s genuinely great. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B002RNOS2Y

  • http://www.slideintomyhand.com Stevie

    Ok, number 17 can be resolved. You are now to do a guest podcast on slideintomyhand, we can do it when we next meet up if you want. I have all the equipment, you just need to pick around 10 or 11 songs and think of some pretty words. Sorted. WE ARE DOING THIS (no pressure like ;o).


    • lis is on her phone

      Not only that, your last email about contributing (from just before Christmas?) needs to be dealt with before I can reach inbox zero… x

  • Shelley

    Happy (belated) birthday! Your list is perfect, a great mix of achievable and ambitious. Lots of luck with it.

    I’m stealing #1 and #4 because they made me realise both are currently making me unhappy in my own wee life! I shall attempt Inbox 0 in solidarity and totally encourage professional waxing, I’m addicted.

    PS. I can highly recommend this place and say exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate. Every day. x

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      The waxing thing… Jehane spotted this place near hers that advertises (in the same section as Brazillians etc) “Glaswegian waxes”. No explanation.

      We kinda feel as if we have to… although I have promised Stringer that this is perhaps one thing I will not document in excruciating levels of detail on the internet… 😉 x

  • http://pukekoflat.blogspot.com/ pukekoflat

    I don’t think I’ll ever achieve ‘inbox zero’, I’m too lazy and apathetic.

    I like the idea of your list though. But since I’m already well into my early 30’s I think I might do some modification and create huge lists of things I want to do before I hit 40.

    • lis is on her phone

      That’s the beauty of the list. I see no reason why it can’t be modified for any year.

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  • http://www.murphyz.co.uk murphyz

    Any advance on #9? I’m in Glasgow at the end of July and it would be nice to get onto a rooftop somewhere and check out the view. ;o)

    • http://pixlet.net lism.

      Haha, no. When are you up? If it doesn’t clash with the anniversaries of any major events let’s do it!

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