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There are few things better than coming home to a tidy house.

As I’ve gotten older,I’ve found myself increasingly becoming a bit of a homebody: looking forward to those nights spent in with a nice, homemade dinner and catching up with whatever series we’re currently enjoying on Netflix with a cat snuggled at somebody’s feet. But it’s never as cosy when the house is untidy, which is frequently the case when you’re running a home with two cats and two writers’ conflicting schedules.

The idea of outsourcing the cleaning of my house has always been one I’ve found tempting, but one that also fills me with anxiety. I’m sure it’s bound up in the idea of domestic labour as women’s work, as well as feeling like a bit of a class traitor: like, who am I that I would pay somebody else to clean my house? But then I think about it a little more logically, and it always comes back to this: I have a full-time job and two part-time jobs, I tire easily and I have very little leisure time. Surely, if I can afford it, I should be able to hire a cleaner without turning it into a moral dilemma?

Before I could put this to the test, however, local company Regency Contract Cleaning got in touch to ask if I fancied trying out their services in exchange for an honest review. You read that right: reader, I #prrequested my bloody house cleaned. And I can’t bring myself to feel bad about it.

Regency Contract Cleaning - Living room
Regency Contract Cleaning - Living room

First, the disclaimer I feel obligated to make: I’m not a particularly dirty person (although when you’re in the habit of not finishing cups of tea, and you then forget to take them downstairs, it can occasionally make for a nasty surprise when you get back to your desk). I am, however, unbelievably untidy. Like, beyond the realms of adorkable oh-I’m-such-a-clutz untidy. Like, every so often I grab a pile of tote bags with which I move my stuff from the couch to the bedroom, and then it just stays there instead untidy. So any cleaner is starting from a position of having their work cut out.

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Luckily, as you can see from the above “after” shots of our living room, Regency knows how my mind works. I wasn’t even home when a team of three arrived from the company a couple of weeks ago, but it’s like they instinctively knew to fill a tote bag with what I can only dub my sofa crap.

Based out in Prestwick, Regency specialises in contract and commercial cleaning services for private and public sector clients throughout Ayrshire, Glasgow and the west of Scotland. Particular specialisms include residential and commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, fire and flood cleanup and restoration and what’s known as “biorecovery” – basically, cleaning and sanitising after trauma, accidents and crimes. But along with those complex and often sensitive services, the company’s cleaners also do a damn fine job with your usual run-of-the-mill house stuff.

Regency Contract Cleaning - Kitchen
Regency Contract Cleaning - Kitchen

We were offered three hours of cleaning in exchange for a review but, from the reports I’ve received, Regency actually went one better: three cleaners for about an hour and 20 minutes. Of course, they may have been trying to get in our good books over a mixup with the booking the previous week – but, regardless, we were delighted with the service. I left instructions for them to do the bottom floor of the house (kitchen, living room and hallway) plus the upstairs bathroom if there was time – we got the bottom floor plus the bath. Their work was efficient, thorough and professional, including hob and oven cleaning. Regency is committed to environmentally friendly cleaning practices and disposal as far as possible, and the products that they use are also pet-friendly – which is, of course, an important consideration for me.

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Regency Contract Cleaning - Bathroom

When it comes to reviewing a cleaning service, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there isn’t much to say: I mean, either you’re good at it or not, right? But what really impressed us about Regency was the cleaners’ attention to detail. Stringer, who took these photos to send to me once the cleaners left – and before he let the cats out – kept discovering all these funny little things they’d left for us to find. You remember the world’s greatest wand toy, right?

Regency Contract Cleaning - Cool Piggy
Regency Contract Cleaning - Wand Toy

A shout-out to Regency too for their after-service: Stringer reports he got a call the next day to ask if he was happy with everything, and also to point out that they offer upholstery and carpet cleaning too. Consider yourselves duly informed!

To find out more about Regency Contract Cleaning and the services offered, visit the website or call 03303 204 525.

I was provided with three hours of professional cleaning in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own and unbiased.



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