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This weekend, I hung out with my bestie Sarah for the first time in – well, let’s just say I’ve been really busy and I’m a terrible person, yeah? I mean, the poor girl was still to give me my birthday presents, ffs. And, perhaps more importantly, my card – which might just be her finest work yet.

Birthday card from Sarah

Let me tell you: there are few feelings quite so excellent as knowing that you mean so much to somebody that they will give up as many hours as Sarah clearly did to painstakingly assemble and glue twelve die-cut cardboard records with different-coloured centres to a birthday card that’s just so perfectly you. I told her I was putting it in a frame, and I meant it too – that way, I can pretend it’s my birthday any day of the year when I sit down at my desk to get some blogging done. Even though that’s one thing I will never do on my birthday.

There are two very special birthdays coming up this week and so, armed with the Oh Happy Day greeting card kit* by Stampin’ Up! UK I thought I would try to replicate that feeling in the people I love by trying out a little card making myself. This neat little kit contains everything you need to make 20 charming cards in a variety of sizes. Well, everything except glue – which may be slightly awkward if the only thing you have in your supply box is a tacky pink Pritt Stick that’s at least a decade old. But hey, the thought was there.

Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit
Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit

The Oh Happy Day kit comes nicely presented in a neat cardboard box, and contains:

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– 20 card bases and coordinating envelopes;
– die-cut glittery chipboard shapes;
– embossed sheets;
– printed die-cut flowers and other images;
– die-cut gold foil sheet;
– die-cut white cardboard shapes;
– 13 photopolymer stamps;
– black stamping ink;
– clear acrylic stamp block;
– printed colour doilies;
– baker’s twine;
– glittery dots;
– “Stampin’ Dimensionals”, which are the small hectagonal pieces of self-adhesive foam which give your cards a 3D effect.

The kit also includes a printed leaflet laying out the 20 cards you can make from the contents in easy-to-follow assemble-by-numbers style – but, of course, there is nothing to stop you from creating your own designs. Which is kind of what I did.

You see, the colours in the kit are a little… girly. Which is cool, but not the most useful when you’re trying to make a birthday card for your husband. I started with one of the smaller card designs, but swapped out the mint green backing card for one that was almost Old Gold – and then swapped out pretty much everything else as well.

Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit
Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit
Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit

I found all the included materials really logical and easy to use, which is why even I – queen of following the recipe – felt comfortable going off-piste and straying from what was set out in the leaflet. Surprisingly, the bit I struggled with the most was stamping: I was so nervous of making a mess of my cards that I didn’t thoroughly soak each of the stamps in ink before pressing it to the card. The result was a couple of double-exposures, and at least one instance of looking as though I’d lettered the card myself with an ancient felt-tip pen.

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I felt I could get away with something a little fancier for Charlotte‘s card, choosing a base design which incorporated three layers of card as well as some of the 3D die-cut glitter stars. I even went so far as to stamp an additional greeting inside (although, honestly, this was because by the time I was finished I couldn’t fit anything suitably celebratory onto the front…)

Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit
Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit
Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit

I probably shouldn’t post the finished cards here since neither of the recipients will have had theirs yet but hey, if you’ve read this far you’ve probably got a decent idea! I’m actually quite impressed with these – what do you think? Hardly up to Sarah’s standards, but a girl’s gotta start somewhere.

Stampin' Up! UK - Oh Happy Day card kit

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  1. July 29, 2016 / 1:17 pm

    I love cute stuff like this!

  2. July 29, 2016 / 8:58 pm

    Those cards are gorgeous!
    Cards which are made like this always feel a little bit more special than shop bought one’s x