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For years now, whenever Stringer has finished a book (or is particularly struggling with getting one written),he’ll rearrange the furniture.

Which is why I got home from work the other week to discover that we now had a little dining area, and that the space where the table in the kitchen (which had become a gathering-place for junk because the space was just too cramped to sit and eat in) had been was now reserved for the cats.

And I love it. Even if I’ve had a couple of rush deadlines this week, and have repurposed it as much as an after-dinner workspace as somewhere to take the time to savour my food. But the problem with creating a dining space in what is effectively your living room? You don’t want to leave it lying bare.

Stringer had initially addressed this by moving the little orange planter from my autumn interiors post to the table – but the luxury bouquet I recently received from Prestige Flowers to celebrate the launch of their Christmas flowers gifting range looks even better.

Prestige Flowers - luxury Christmas flowers
Prestige Flowers - luxury Christmas flowers

The appropriately-named Grandeur bouquet is made up of deep, blood-red roses and wintery foliage, all tied up with sparkly gold wire for that properly festive touch. The flowers arrived beautifully wrapped in black cellophane and white ribbon in a gift bag, and the team had even included a lovely glass vase – meaning that all that was left for me to do was to trim the flowers, as indicated on the accompanying gift card, and pop them in the vase with a decent amount of water.

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Prestige Flowers - luxury Christmas flowers
Prestige Flowers - luxury Christmas flowers

I always thought that flowers were not the sort of gift to particularly appeal to me: as a gift, they’ve always come bound up with annoyingly heteronormative connotations. As a woman, I’m supposed to demand that my male partner pays over the odds for something which, although beautiful, I then get to watch die. Yeah, I’m just that much of a buzzkill. But I often like to take flowers to my mum’s when I go around to see her, and having something beautiful by my side as I’ve been working away at the little table during what has been another difficult week for those who share with my political beliefs has really lifted my spirits.

Perhaps the biggest topic of potential concern when ordering flowers by post – Prestige Flowers ships via Royal Mail – is how well they will survive the journey. Sure, it’s obvious from the box that the contents are fragile, but while your postman can read your cats almost certainly cannot.

Prestige Flowers Christmas flowers review - the trouble with kittens...

(Yes, the makeshift headrest is cute. No, you don’t get to encourage him.)

Sure, Stringer quickly stepped in to right the situation, and the box, after taking a quick snap to amuse me at work first – but I was a little worried about what state I’d find the contents of the parcel in by the time I got home. I needn’t have worried: the gift bag, wrap and other packaging used ensured my bouquet reached me in excellent condition.

Prestige Flowers - luxury Christmas flowers

Would you order flowers as a Christmas gift?

BTW, the book that Stringer recently finished is something completely new – but the anthology of short stories that he edited, based on songs by the Replacements, is out now. It features new stories by the likes of Franz Nicolay, Johnny Shaw and Kristi Belcamino, and I am very very excited to get my hands on it.

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  1. Denise M
    November 12, 2016 / 12:13 pm

    Bless, making a little headrest to make his new bed even more comfortable 😀 They are very pretty flowers, I’ve stopped buying flowers as I know that my kittens will either eat/play/knock them over and that the flowers will be destroyed one way or another. Not sure if I would order flowers for a Christmas present, maybe for someone I never saw that often but I do tend to buy flowers for Christmas for the home (just maybe not this year!)

    The Life of Dee

    • November 13, 2016 / 9:44 pm

      I avoided having flowers in the house for ages as I assumed the kits would be straight in at them, but for some reason they’re just not interested. Plastic wrap and cardboard boxes, on the other hand…

      The Big Man is asleep on a cardboard box right now – an empty one this time though!


  2. November 17, 2016 / 1:05 am