13.52.03 – face off;

13:52:03 - Face Off

I actually didn’t take a “personal style” photo for my 52 Weeks project this weekend, as I have been laid up with a sickness bug and it wouldn’t have been pretty. However, I realise that I have not yet shared last week’s photo, so you won’t even know that you were missing out!

“Personal style” is a pretty broad remit – so here’s a quick peek at what’s inside my makeup bag (a present, which was itself full of little presents, from the Blonde on the occasion of my 30th birthday) on a typical day.

I’ve been a Benefit girl for about as long as I could (just about) afford it, particularly as far as their range of face powders is concerned: Dandelion is my favourite, although I’ve been cheating on it a bit recently with their new-ish Hervana which is a bit darker and has a cute mirror in the lid. Their Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow liquid foundation was a great addition to a range that sorely needed one up until relatively recently – it’s not particularly greasy, which was always my problem with liquid foundations, and has much better coverage than the Urban Decay mineral powder foundation I was using before. I don’t really get the need for a primer if you have a decent foundation (not at another £20 a pop anyway) despite what they tell you on the makeup counters, but until I work my way through last year’s Glamour magazine free samples I’ll continue to use them.

Urban Decay will, however, always win out over Benefit’s lotions and potions in terms of sheer fun. I’ve worn their eyeshadows for about ten years now and am yet to find a better range of colours with just the right amount of sparkle and shine for a corporate law bod in denial. If wearing ‘Grifter’, their lilac glitter shade, as a staple is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Finishing off my eyes these days with a cheap Rimmel kohl, until it runs out, and Benefit’s Bad Gal mascara in brown. I bought the latter because it was a bargain as I normally wear their black They’re Real mascara, but I rather like it. And, lo! It’s still cheap!

I’m a bit less of a stickler for lipsticks and glosses, and tend to alternate between various pinks and reds depending on my mood (and colour of eyeshadow, because the bold lip and bold eye combo looks at best like stage makeup but more often like the results of a toddler who has had a go at the contents of mummy’s makeup bag). The one in the picture is my favourite though – Mac‘s New York Apple, purchased to cheer myself up in a fit of depression purely because I liked the name.

Bonus shot since this really was a bit of a cop-out of last week’s nails: Rimmel’s Blue Eyed Girl (Christmas present from my mother, who swears she didn’t pick up on the name) with a top coat of ‘Junkyard’ from TopShop’s recent collaboration with designer Louise Gray.

blue eyed girl