[2010 in shows] all the way from moscow to new york;

The National, Phosphorescent
(O2 Academy, Glasgow)
26th November 2010
Nevermind gig of the year. Musical moment of the year must go to emerging from the O2 after an a capella rendition of “Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks” that the whole whatever hundred capacity venue sang along both rapturously and reverently as the snow began to fall. A delicious, shivers-down-the-spine moment that you couldn’t have scripted better.
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And the rest…

David Bazan, Postdata
(Captain’s Rest, Glasgow)
2nd February 2010
David Bazan’s Curse Your Branches was a deep, thoughtful album and one of my favourites from 2009. In February I was lucky enough to have the chance to speak to him about its creation, and his thoughts on everything from his relationship with God to life on a tour bus.
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150310 - Girl With The Most Cake

(O2 Academy, Glasgow)
3rd May 2010
Can I put into words how much it meant to me to see my old-time musical heroine, showing her scars and rocking out in her underwear, a few feet in front of me? Probably not, but what a night that was.
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010710 - St Mark's Social

Jesse Malin & the St Mark’s Social, The Killing Floor, Allan Fox
(Cabaret Voltaire, Edinburgh and King Tut’s, Glasgow)
30th June – 1st July 2010
With my friend Claudia visiting from Germany – putting her up was a surefire way of preventing the usual “only realising we were in the same room after checking last.fm” shenanigans – we hit the road to take in a couple of Jesse Malin’s UK shows with new band The St Mark’s Social. Drinking in Bannerman’s after the Edinburgh show, the usual suspects and I hassled the man until he promised to play the song this blog was named for in Glasgow the next night. When he tried it, unpracticed, I couldn’t care less he’d forgotten the words.
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090910 - Koko

The Mountain Goats, Chad Valley
(Koko, London)
9th September 2010
Your best friend. Your best words. One of your favourite rooms. And suddenly it doesn’t matter about the stomachache, and the sadness, or the little hiroshimas that punctuate your Thursdays; because this man has always made all of the sense you have ever needed anybody to make.
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the indelicates

The Indelicates, Lou Hickey, Dave Hughes
(13th Note, Glasgow)
3rd November 2010
And then in another of my favourite rooms… I think what set this one apart, nevermind the fire and the music and the rage and the humour was this feeling that, by recording a live album of the entire setup in this most intimate of environments, we were really creating something that would never have existed otherwise.
DOWNLOAD: The Indelicates Super Special Acoustic Recording (Glasgow).

frank turner

Frank Turner, Ed Harcourt, Dive Dive
(O2 ABC, Glasgow)
2nd December 2010
I fall for the skinny boys, the heart-on-sleeve rock-n-roller boys, the ones who sing words I believe in like nobody is watching. It’s been six months, and he still doesn’t know my name, but the fire in his belly could melt the most savage of snow.
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