[30 songs] who made you king of anything;

FIRST! A quick announcement: there are currently only eight advanced tickets left for tomorrow night’s Indelicates show at the 13th Note, with support from Anna Madeleine and Dave Hughes and the Renegade Folk Punk Band. It’s rare I highlight a particular show, but the Indelicates so rarely play these parts that I’d hate for you to miss it. There should be some tickets available on the door, but if you fancy it you’re really best hitting up We Got Tickets.

Now, back to the post…

Day 05 – A song that reminds you of someone

I know, know – it’s been a while. But I never claimed to be doing this meme for any reason other than to provide content on days when it has been lacking. While I still have no shortage of things I could post today, with a splitting headache I’m going to hide behind the easy option.

Unlike some of the others, this prompt really was a struggle. When you read too much into the lyrics, every song is a song that reminds you of someone – and especially if it’s somebody you’re trying to forget. It’s particularly annoying when you realise that they won’t even have heard of the band, and yet you can’t help but find their face in the faces all rearranged and every other track of the album.

I’m trying to lock that down. I want the songs back.

This one can’t help but remind me of somebody else though, because it was one of my very best friends who ‘gave’ me the song (and her name is Sara[h] too). She’s one of those people who instinctively knows what the right thing to say is, even if you don’t realise that it’s what you need to hear. So when she told me that this was a song I had to listen to… well. And that was before I even saw the adorably quirky video, all Hipstamatic-style effects and tutus.

And, because it’s pretty much a song for all those people for whom what I do is none of their fucking business, well, it makes me think of lots of other people too.

Okay, I admit it. I just wanted an excuse to post this video somewhere that wasn’t Tumblr.

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