my 34 favourite things about being 34;

Once you hit your (mid) 30s, it becomes increasingly difficult to find decent songs about the age you are.

Which is why, from this year forward, I’m adopting The Tuts as my anthem:

Full disclosure: I fell in love with this idea when I spotted it on Jemma Dorkface’s blog a couple of months ago. As I say goodbye to 34, here are my 34 favourite things about the year just gone.

1. Going part-time at work (and, officially, a little bit freelance);
2. Calling Ed Sheeran misogynistic in a national newspaper;
3. Going on the radio with Tony Mortimer of East 17…
4. …and also a dog;
5. Getting my first news story in the Sunday Herald (and watching my sister get those vox pops!);
6. Embracing adventure and making new friends at a sunny and wonderful Electric Fields festival;
7. Watching Frank Turner play “Thatcher Fucked The Kids” at the Sleep is for the Week anniversary show in London;
8. Eating dessert on my own at a bar in New Orleans;
9. Hell, just going to New Orleans.

Bourbon Street, New Orleans, September 2016

10. Going to Rome;
11. Going to the Glasgow Film Festival opening gala;
12. Having cocktails in the highest bar in the world;
13. Seeing Kathleen Hanna live;
14. Seeing both Beyoncé and Rihanna live in the space of two days and getting to call it work;
15. Getting my hair dyed like a glorious gothic unicorn mane.

Unicorn hair by Rebel Rebel, May 2017

16. Getting a Weakerthans-themed tattoo;
17. Drinking an entire bottle of gin and playing human jukebox for my family all night;
18. Arranging a not-a-hen-party celebration in honour of one of the people I love most in all the world;
19. Getting Craig Finn of the Hold Steady to pose with my Hold Steady tattoo;
20. Getting blocked on Twitter by Wings Over Scotland;
21. Updating Facebook from an actual boat.

Six ridiculous things to do in Dubai - Party on a boat

22. Shaking Ethan Johns’ hand and thanking him for Heartbreaker;
23. Getting a whole new byline with my first paid article on mental health;
24. Buying a pair of sparkly gold trousers;
25. Hitting 1,000 fans on Facebook and 2,000 on Instagram;
26. Getting verified on Twitter;
27. Being in the same room as David Duchovny;
28. Going to Tea Jenny’s in Falkirk for the most magnificent cake.

Cake Dates - Tea Jennys cakes

29. Getting shortlisted for Most Innovative Blog at the Thirty Plus Awards;
30. Visiting the Edinburgh cat café;
31. Dancing to Frank Turner with my favourite person in the world at a very waterlogged T in the Park;
32. Getting kisses in a text message from the Scottish one out of Alabama 3;
33. Cooking Christmas dinner for my mum;
34. Recording my first live radio panel show. Which you can hear today, at 2pm on BBC Radio Scotland (and on the iPlayer not long after).

Not a bad year all in. Now, let’s see what 35 holds…