146 of 365

Things have been so busy that it’s pretty late in the game I’ve been able to turn my mind to the traditional end of year festivities: present buying and Christmas cards, seeing friends and the traditional end of year blogs. But now, with the X Factor winner crowned and the monkey firmly in the tree, I’m finally starting to feel a little bit festive.

A couple of weeks ago I thought I was struggling for ten albums to put on this list. And I wasn’t alone. The lovely Carrie Brownstein blogged on the same thing: “[F]ew of the songs [I acquired in 2007] amounted to albums,” she said. “[They] don’t really add up to anything more than a 10 day long mix tape with little thematic cohesion and only a shallow survey of the artists’ work. I have shifted from collecting to compiling.”

But 2007 wasn’t merely a case of a couple of albums by a bunch of old favourites and whatever free download preview tracks my bandwidth could carry, and in the end I was breaking my heart over what was getting left out of the list. To say nothing of the band who ended up top of the list: a band whose equally impressive back catalogue I had merely a passing interest in this time last year.

I was going to call this The Only List To Feature Neither Radiohead Nor The Arcade Fire (At Least In The Album Category) This Year but lovely Heather, bless her, has pipped me to that one. Still, without further preamble – and with 80% less h8 than last year! – let’s get on:

(Unless you’re reading this on LJ or a feed reader – as this post is MASSIVE and I have no way of snipping it and sparing your boredom, for this once I’m going to force you to click through to the blog itself. Aw, c’mon…)

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