Last Year's Girl - You'll Never Walk Alone

According to Wikipedia, that first port of call for general knowledge and pub quiz answers in the information age, the term “blog” was first coined in 1999. Curiously that’s when I began blogging myself, although I’d never have given those early teen-angst fuelled online diaries so lofty a title. My blogging is as old as blogging! That’s actually pretty neat.

I’m an ageing riot grrrl (30-something, not because I’m playing coy but rather because I keep forgetting to update this page) and still can’t walk in heels. Apparently, this is actually due to being born with flat feet and not, as I previously suspected, because I’m not graceful. I live in Glasgow, in the west of Scotland; with a a boy I met on Myspace and two rambunctious kitties called Scooter and The Big Man – named after Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons. The boy and I got married in 2010, which was hilarious.

I describe myself as a journalist by profession because every time I’ve considered doing something else I’ve realised that I’d still have to blog about it when I got home. At the moment I’m using my Masters in the subject alongside my law degree, writing content for the online news resource of a top UK law firm. After hours I write for all sorts, generally on music: I have a monthly new music column in The Scots Magazine, the world’s oldest magazine; cover live reviews for The Herald; and pop up on BBC Radio Scotland’s morning programmes on the regular.

I adopted Last Year’s Girl as an online handle in 2003, when Jesse Malin sang it at me from the stage in King Tut’s (it’s a lyric from his song “TKO”). I’ve blogged here on my own domain since 2005: mostly about music, mental health and ways to spend your money in Glasgow. Featured photograph by Neil Thomas Douglas.

Oh, and you can call me Lis (never Lisa), and email me here. Here’s my online CV, and here are some of the best posts on this blog, if you’re new here and not sure where to start.

Last updated: October 2017. Text and photos are generally mine unless otherwise stated or very obviously not. Songs are posted for the love of it, in the hopes that others will love them too and buy the records like I do. No malicious infringement is intended – if you’d like something of yours removed email me and I will do so immediately.