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You’d be forgiven for thinking, the amount of time I spend banging on about it here, that I had a bit of a thing for loose-leaf tea.

The truth is… it’s half-true. I love the rituals of tea-making. Spooning out what you need into a cosy teapot, and those few minutes of enforced nothingness while you wait for it to brew (a little too long for just opening a packet of biscuits, not long enough for anything else). I like fancy flavoured teas which mix candy confetti, dried fruit or toasted marshmallows in a way that perfectly compliments premium black tea, so much that you don’t even want to spoil it with a splash of milk.

But I hate the faff. The cleaning up that comes afterwards. Buying all of this tea-making paraphernalia, then forgetting to put it in the dishwasher. And when there’s only about a three-minute window during which your perfect cup of tea is the ideal temperature to drink, it’s very tempting just to shove a Tetley teabag in a mug (or even better, get somebody else to do it for you) and be done with it.

Adagio Teas may just have changed all that.

Adagio Teas boxed loose leaf tea and Ingenuitea tea maker review

This clever little device is called the IngenuiTEA*. Just spoon in your tea leaves, add hot water and let them steep for the right amount of time. Then, once ready, place the pot on top of your cup…

Adagio loose leaf tea and IngenuiTEA teapot review

…which will release the valve at the bottom to allow perfectly-brewed tea to flow into your cup with none of the bits, all of which are caught in the mesh filter. You can then scoop out the leaves and pop it straight in the dishwasher, ready to begin again.

The IngenuiTEA is super fun to use and, unlike just about any other brewing device I have tried (which is most of them), returns a properly brewed, decent strength cup of tea every time. Now, that might just be psychological, given that it’s made from clear glass and you can actually watch the tea brewing – but, either way, it’s gotten me enjoying loose leaf tea again, whether from the sleek matching glass mug* or one of my own (which tend to measure just that little bit smaller than what the IngenuiTEA holds, something I need to remember when preparing a cuppa).

Which is a good thing, given that my already-groaning tea shelf (long overdue its annual clearout) has had a fair few additions, again courtesy of Adagio.

Adagio loose leaf tea review, cosying up for Autumn
Adagio Teas loose leaf tea review

Adagio stocks a massive range of teas, from black tea to flavoured teas, oolong and chai. Their hand-picked teas are sourced from origin, with no added sugar and all-natural flavours from either quality ingredients or essential oils.

I was especially thrilled to see that the sample (makes 10 cups) and 85g bags of tea come packed in foil pouches, which might not be the prettiest but will keep them fresher for longer on that neglected tea shelf of mine. They’re also ridiculously great value for the quality, with the samplers setting you back around £1.50-£2 (so 15-20p/cup), and free delivery if you spend over £30. Just look at that list of ingredients!

Adagio Tea loose leaf tea review and IngenuiTEA teapot
Adagio Teas loose leaf tea review

If you’re a little bamboozled and not sure where to begin – or if you’re thinking of picking up a selection for the tea lover in your life as gifting season approaches – the team at Adagio have put together some sampler sets, each of which includes a selection of four sampler bags (so, 40 cups altogether). I’ve been particularly enjoying all of the teas in the Sweet Tooth Teas selection: they’re black teas with notes of caramel, cream or chocolate chip, perfect with a biscuit or as a great alternative to a spoonful of sugar.

My absolute favourites though – which we’ll kid on are the reason I waited until November to post this – are the Christmas teas. Candy Apple is a year-round Adagio favourite, which is a good thing as it has become mine too with its sweet notes of caramel and dried apple pieces. As for the gingerbread, which blends black tea with cinnamon bark, orange peel and ginger root? It’s so warming and more-ish that I had to stop typing this up to go and brew myself a cup…

Adagio Teas loose leaf tea sampler gift boxes
Drinking Adagio Tea loose leaf tea at my desk

Are you a tea fiend? What’s your favourite Adagio blend? Make sure and leave your email address with your answer, just in case… 😉

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This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own and unbiased.