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My mental health hasn’t been the best this week, and so I decided that on Thursday I was going to have a ‘Why The Heck Not’ Day. The rules of this concept are self-explanatory: if something occurs to me that would make me happy, I allow myself to do it unless I can provide a reasonable response to the question “why the heck not?”. Its broad application allows for the use of the rule in obtaining cans of full-calorie Coca-Cola from the workplace vending machines, taking long baths with a book while ignoring the siren call of a bursting inbox and – of most relevance to this post – slightly more eccentric wardrobe choices than I would usually select for the corporate day-job environment.

I say “slightly”, just in case anybody from said day job is reading this and starts wondering what my usual clothing choices are all about.

Anyway, to consider my one piece of Vivienne Westwood clothing – this dress – you wouldn’t know it, because in one sense it’s rather more conservative than what I normally wear. I got it for half price on one of those fashion deal sites, but on paper it’s the most expensive item I own so I’d hate for it to become an everyday dress. And there’s another problem: that of accessories.

You see, I’m into my chunky plastic necklaces and quirky pendants. I don’t really have anything classy enough to wear with a £200 dress. In the end I just wore the beautiful white-gold heart pendant Stringer got me for a birthday, but it’s so subtle that it’s the sort of thing I’d prefer to wear with a bolder outfit. It would seem that, despite my bulging Powerpuff Girls jewellery chest, I still have room for some bold statement jewellery. Stuff like the incredible Pamela Love pieces stocked by online designer outlet Avenue 32. These prices remain a pipe dream for the moment, but JUST LOOK AT HOW INCREDIBLE THIS RING IS.

Pamela Love ring

Silver double cage ring by Pamela Love, £400 from Avenue 32

I mean, you wouldn’t need any more accessories with something that striking on, would you?

Happy weekend, folks.

[Don’t worry, incidentally: this isn’t going to become one of those blogs, full of pictures of some skinny fashionista prancing around in woodland, faux urban or overly lens-flarey backdrops in outfits you could never afford to wear. I went to the office today in jeans and a Primark t-shirt with a picture of an owl on it that I bought one day when a last-minute change of plans meant that I had no gym kit on me. It says “BORN TO TWEET”, even though I’ve never known of an owl to ‘tweet’, because if I hadn’t bought myself it my mum would have.]

This post is sponsored by Avenue 32. Crap chat is 100% mine.


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  1. September 16, 2013 / 4:18 pm

    That ring IS stunning. I miss my old statement ring days. Maybe if I see the right ring at the right price I’ll do that look again.