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Consider this a warning, fair reader, for this one is going to get a bit TMI.

If asked to list my least favourite part of my body – which I wouldn’t do because, as a good friend reminded me this weekend, loving yourself is a rebellious act – I’d start at the feet and stop there. Even before I became a runner, my poor flat feet always took a hell of a pounding. They come with hard, flaky skin and cracked heels, and pinky toes that turn inwards – something that a chiropodist once told me was an evolutionary tic, but which the internet is divided on.

So, when independent footcare specialists PediReviews offered me a pedicure kit for review purposes, I jumped at the chance – if you’ll pardon the pun.

The Emjoi Micro Pedi is the bestselling of such products on the market, and it’s also the editors’ choice at PediReviews, so I was keen to see how it compared to my existing solution of pumice stone in the bath and hoping for the best. Even better was the fact that they didn’t just send me a Micro Pedi, but rather a full-on gift set promising everything I needed to recreate a salon-style pedicure at home.

PediReviews - Micro Pedi gift set
PediReviews - Micro Pedi

So, what’s in the box?
Along with a handheld Micro Pedi device in pink and three of the extra-coarse mineral rollers, the set contains:

– coconut-scented Micro Pedi brand foot cream;
– manicure/pedicure kit consisting of five medieval torture device-esque attachments (below);
– six-way nail file and buffer;
– nail scissors;
– nail clippers;
– nailbrush;
– two sets of toe separators.

Of these, I’ve used the cuticle tool from the kit and the nail scissors, which I initially thought were pretty flimsy before I stabbed myself in the toe, instantly proving them well suited to my purposes. I’ve also been using the foot cream after each use of the Micro Pedi device, because it makes my feet smell good enough to eat and that really is saying something.

Pedi Reviews - manicure/pedicure set
PediReviews - Micro Pedi device

Enough about the extras – what about the main event?
The Micro Pedi is battery operated, easy to hold and even easier to use – just remove the safety cover, flip the switch at the top of the device and you’re away. Though I was initially a bit nervous about using what is essentially a battery operated whirring piece of sandpaper on my feet I got into something of a rhythm after a few seconds, especially when I realised that if I pressed too hard the device automatically stopped working. The instructions recommend you only use it for a few seconds on a particular area before moving on, which seems fair enough.

I wouldn’t describe it as a product that gives you instant salon-style results, but rather one that takes repeated use to make a longer-term difference. However, as I mentioned at the start of the post, my feet were in a complete state, so your results may vary. I’ve been using the device every two to three nights, followed up with the foot cream, and I’m definitely beginning to see a difference. I’m a long way off becoming any kind of foot model, but it’s definitely something I’m keen to incorporate into what passes for my beauty routine.

Side note: the boy-cat, who is generally terrified of everything, always comes running to see what’s going on whenever I’m giving the device a go. So that’s an added bonus, at least in my house.

PediReviews - polish
PediReviews - Feetsies

But will you use it again, now that you have done your bloggy duty?
In a word, yes! The Micro Pedi’s function is basically that of my trusty old pumice stone, but without the accompanying manual labour. It’s easy to clean with the accompanying brush or a little soap and water, providing that you don’t soak it, and it looks the part. It also feels like a little bit of pamper time, like you’re treating yourself and your feet – even while you’re doing one of those regular little body maintenance chores that is, at its root, pretty gross.

In summary: salon-style feet no; nice little home pedicure yes. I’d recommend it.

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DISCLAIMER: I received the Micro Pedi gift set from PediReviews for review purposes. All words and opinions are my own. See my full disclosure policy.