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“My blog is as old as blogging!” I consistently tell you guys: it’s right there on my “about” page, as well as a point of pride when I meet other bloggers or PRs. It’s like I’m saying of course you want to work with me, I’ve stuck with this for so long. Not all in one place, admittedly, and with varying degrees of consistency – but given the number of blogs that get started and which fall by the wayside each month it still feels like a pretty decent achievement.

I look back at the things that I have done for a longer period of time than blogging. They’re pretty much just “living” and “being a big sister”. Admittedly I’d happily give up blogging before either of those, the first one has never involved a massive amount of effort on my part (although the second takes up roughly the same amount of free time).

As things stand, the own-domain version of Last Year’s Girl (I used the name both on Diaryland and LiveJournal long before setting up here in 2005) hosts around 1,600 posts on a variety of topics: album reviews, travel journals, feminist rants, band interviews and just general diary-keeping (as would become obvious if you had trawled through as many algorithmically-“popular” posts for my new introductory page as I did a few weeks back: hey, remember those days when you’d get 30 comments to every post just talking about your day?). So, when I decided that this year I was just going to go ahead and enter the National UK Blog Awards, it made characterisation hard. In the end I opted for Arts and Culture and Lifestyle, which I hope accurately reflect my work here over the years.

I blog for the love of it. I blog because I always have done. But I can’t deny that, after this length of time, a little external recognition would make me pretty happy.

All it takes is a name and an email address..


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