“because i knew you, all of my clothes got nicked”;

Somebody shared the below meme on Facebook the other day, and I had to send it to my sister. Not because we were ever dressed identically – with four years between us, my mum was careful to have us co-ordinated rather than matching – but because the whole thing so perfectly captured the relationship between a big and a little sister in childhood. As you grow older, the years between you as good as disappear. I’m really lucky in that the annoying little girl who used to keep me awake at night when we shared a bedroom has grown into the most important person in my life, which is pretty handy given that she bought a house round the corner.

But now she’s leaving me.

What it's like to have a sister

I’d credit this where it’s due, but there’s so much offensive pish on the Facebook page of the comedian I nicked it from I’m not doing it.

Ever since she was very little, Cha wanted to move abroad. Back then she was going to New York to act on Broadway, but in recent years it’s become going abroad to teach. Over the summer break the perfect opportunity came up: she’ll be heading a drama department at a school in Dubai. And she leaves tonight.

Drinking Bucks Fizz at 9:30am on a Sunday at a Gap bloggers' event, March 2014

Drinking Bucks Fizz at 9:30am on a Sunday at a Gap bloggers’ event, March 2014

Since she came back to live in Glasgow, my little sister has become an integral part of this blog – happy to volunteer, for example, to accompany me to a TGI Friday’s event were I to be otherwise stuck on my lonesome or to test-drive a new bronzer. I am, as you can imagine, incredibly grateful for her efforts. The other week she popped into mine on the way home (we really have to start locking our doors) and started rummaging through some packages I’d left on the couch. “Oh, is this for me?” I heard from downstairs (I was in the bath at the time). She’d found a long-sleeved top from the new George at Asda AW15 collection*.

Now, my sister and I are nothing like the same size – she’s 5’8″ with a model-like physique, I’m too fat to run – so you’d think I wouldn’t have to worry about her misappropriating my clothes. You would think wrongly. This top is three, maybe four, sizes larger than she would normally take but she “likes things that are baggy”, apparently. She already wore it out for her leaving night with her friends on Friday, layered over a white t-shirt dress that she found in a goody bag from the Merchant City Festival, and she’s had loads of compliments.

George at Asda AW15 - modelled by Cha

TOP: George at Asda *
JEANS: New Look (old)

No wonder though, right?

The George AW15 collection won’t actually appear in the shops until September, so I can’t actually link you to this striking long-sleeved top – just the preview on the George website. According to the video I was sent to share with you though, it’s all bold prints and boho chic – so Cha’s definitely going to stand out in her new desert home.

Tonight I’ll be seeing my sister off at the airport as she begins this incredible adventure. I’m excited for her, a little heartbroken for me – and relieved for my wardrobe.

I’ll catch you for a dance again soon, babygirl xox

Cha & Eesmee dancing

Photo by Neil Thomas Douglas

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