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Somewhere along the line I seem to have picked up this reputation as the anti-twee police; a fact which I think ties in with my well-documented hatred of a certain eight-piece hailing from the west end of Glasgow. It’s just that every so often I come out with something like, oh, you know what, I really love that Boy Least Likely To song – you know the one that goes I’m glad I hitched my apple wagon to your star (oh come off it, how can you hear a reference to a “country disco band” and not think BEST. THING. EVARRR??) – and people recoil in horror and go oh my God, that’s too twee for me!! I do have a point here, and my point is this – the new Camera Obscura song is utterly fantastic, and I have listened to it five times already today. “Lloyd, I’m Ready To Be Heartbroken” is the opening track on this month’s forthcoming album: it’s all organs and soaring orchestra and these amazing 1950s karaoke vocals, and it seriously makes me want to go skipping through a meadow somewhere. You can hear it on my gheyspace profile if you are so inclined, and indeed if I’ve linked the right one (you have to remember I don’t have sound on my work computer).

In case you’re getting worried I’ll be dressing in tweed and pearls for the rest of the year, I should point out that there’s something about summer that makes me want to listen to nothing but the Clash and Ramones and Buzzcocks and YEAH YEAH WE’RE HELEN LOVE, but the sun’s disappeared and it’s cooling off again so you’ll be spared the annual Helen Love are the greatest band in the world sprawlings for another few weeks I think.

Last night David and I tried to get to Mexico, but First Scotrail were having none of it:

We did, however, improvise by way of nachos in Pizza Hut and convenient graffiti outside Bastille:

I’m having fajitas for my tea tonight, so it all fits in quite well really.

And that’s it for the afternoon, bar a couple of bits and pieces I wanted to link:

– Wired magazine on “meta-Doug” (Coupland); who apparently shows up in JPod. Which is out next month, I think. AM I PSYCHED??? You bet your ass…

Germaine Greer plays the bitter, bitter feminist and spits forth on why women don’t relax [warning: do not read while consuming tea or indeed any other beverage, you’ll spit it out somewhere and the results won’t be pretty]. Jo beat me to linking this one earlier actually. “Who are these women?” she muses. “[She] seems to be describing a different era entirely. I know dozens of women and I can’t think of a single one who doesn’t relax or a single one who rushes from gym to shopping to gym in a desperate attempt to keep pretty and toned.”

– Check it out. Turning thirty isn’t a reason to kill yourself anymore – the New York Metro has invented a whole new demographic, so they can still flog you Converse and quasi-indie CDs. The article raises some interesting points about the death of the generation gap actually – how can today’s parents hate the music their kids are listening to when Interpol are essentially Joy Division?? Oh, what do I know, a couple of Sundays ago I was watching one of the music channels when my dad came in and made some sarcastic comment about “that noise” I was listening to. “I know, that Mick Jagger, what’s he like, eh?” was my reply (I tease, happy birthday Daddy!!!)

– I pinched the above link from Heather, who also has some new Radiohead songs posted, if unlike me you are still into that sort of thing. You should be reading Heather’s blog anyway, as her taste in music is disturbingly similar to my own and we all know mine is awesome. Scroll down a bit and you’ll come to links to the new Replacements songs, which I haven’t even heard yet. Stupid work.

– Today’s Diesel Sweeties made me DIE OF LAWL for about ten minutes straight.

And that’s it. Only last week’s Friday Thing has just shown up in my inbox nearly one week late. Something to read on the train then I guess, she says innocently…

PS I meant to comment yesterday that it was World Press Freedom Day, perhaps the most important day on the calendar for what I’d like to think is a media blog such as this, but then I went and posted a meme instead. I think that tells you all you need to know about me really.



  1. Kaite
    May 4, 2006 / 4:16 pm


  2. May 4, 2006 / 4:28 pm

    Nothing, but you have to remember I can’t rock that look like you can gorgeous.

  3. May 4, 2006 / 4:49 pm

    Speaking of music, I managed to get my nixmix done for you, how would you like to recieve it?

    Oh and Marge Simpson wears pearls 🙂 Now I have images of you with a blue beehive :-/

  4. pragya
    May 4, 2006 / 8:50 pm

    ooo douglas coupland, how i adore thee!!

    as for germaine greer.. argh. you know how FEMINIST X CORE i am, yet this woman is so ridiculously essentialist and focused on white upper-class women over the age 35 that it’s ridiculous. as if every woman can afford to have “shopping” as her leisure activity or a membership to a gym!!! and as if that’s all most women care about! KAJDLFKAUEPITUN!!!!

  5. Rick
    May 4, 2006 / 11:44 pm

    So here’s a question…though the New York Metro article doesn’t (and doubtfully ever would) bring it up…is this “new whim” to have the all of the best parts of adulthood (money) without giving up any of the fun stuff from when you’re a kid simply another example of the selfish desire to not have to grow up and consider how one’s choices affect other people?

    I sure think it is.

  6. Rick
    May 4, 2006 / 11:46 pm

    And, as an additional note, I sort of consider that The Boy Least Likely To album to be the best pop album to come out in the past 5 years, at least.

    I mean, come on, it’s got banjos and songs about mutilation carefully disguised as a childish song about papercuts.

    Though you’re just getting into Aeroplane Over the Sea now…so we’ll give it time. 😉

  7. amberTambourine
    May 5, 2006 / 1:58 am

    did someone say NEW RADIOHEAD SONGS? I’m there dude. ……I need them now.

    I’m loving the Camera Obscura song…it makes me want to skip in meadows too, or at least along the M57 which is the nearest thing to a meadow we have around here.

    Hey lis, did you find the leaked Libertines stuff online? They’ve named the sites in the NME this week…..I’ll tell you them for a bag of jelly babies…*evil laugh

    Corr tis hot today, my hair fluffed up all frizzy like, I look like I have clown hair…:( tisnt funny

    So who’s the ‘pretty’ boy in your picture? David…..tell me about David….


  8. May 5, 2006 / 9:20 am

    But Neutral Milk Hotel aren’t particularly twee by anybody’s standards!! The Be Gentle With Me video is adoreable. But I reckon a whole album of that… niceness… would make me want to kill somebody. Just to restore balance to the Force, you understand.

    I guess if you want to live like a kid, you need to make a conscious decision not to take on the sort of responsibilities that would get in the way of that, eg kids of your own. But I’d like to think I’d make a cool mum. Could you imagine how awesome my brats’ music taste would be?? Sure, they’d be complete social retards and probably raging alcoholics by the age of twelve having found it difficult to cope with the pressures of having to look after me, but still.

    It worries me that I’m now making more money than I ever did, but am in much more debt. Surely there’s something at fault there. It’s probably me.

  9. Jo sorceresz
    May 6, 2006 / 6:43 pm

    you’re in the Guardian!