choosing and packing your holiday toiletries – harder than it looks;

Selecting and packing toiletries for a holiday is a complicated business. Like, surprisingly complicated. After Stringer picked up a little kit with everything he needed for next week’s US trip on Amazon, I tried to look for something similar. The closest I got was the L’Occitane Travel to Provence set, which is absolutely gorgeous but priced to match. I spent a lunch break sifting through the usual suspects, trying to find a neatly-packaged something that would meet most of my needs, and came up with nothing.

It’s been a good few years since I’ve done one a longer-length, multi-destination trip like the one that we’ve got planned. We’re spending a couple of days in New York then getting the train down to Raleigh, NC for a writing conference – and then back up to New York again. All in it means three different hotels over our seven nights and living out of a suitcase for convenience’s sake. It’s going to be amazing, but it makes packing a pain in the ass.

Choosing and packing your holiday toiletries

Overnighters are easy: anybody can miss out a couple of the products that would be their at-home essentials and make do with hotel miniatures for a couple of nights. For longer trips where you know your skin and hair won’t thank you, you can justify some full-size products when you know you have a ‘base’. But when you’re travelling to multiple destinations that’s a lot of stuff to re-pack, and a lot of opportunities for a bottle you didn’t fasten properly to wreck soapy havoc with your underwear and portable electronics.

Plus, I’m determined to pack light this time around: Jay’s going to a writing conference, and I’m going to Sephora. There’s no chance we won’t be coming back with more luggage than we left with.

Packing your toiletries for travel

We have established before that, if packing is an art form, it is not one that I have mastered. When you only get so many weeks of annual leave a year, the last thing you want to do is waste a day getting ready for the good stuff. My approach is to throw what seems to be an appropriate among of clothing into a case the night before or morning of my flight, then bring it home having worn about half of it. The same is true of makeup, shoes and jewellery.

Sample sizes are useful: you know, the miniature products you get in beauty boxes or at counters, or (for my fellow bloggers) at goody bags at events. I’ve got my cleanser and shower gel sorted thanks to Charlotte’s sterling efforts at #ScotBlogMeet in August, and I’m looking forward to trying out some Forever Living samples I won in Ayden‘s recent giveaway.

Choosing and packing your travel toiletries

I love this clear plastic pouch from Kiehl’s: it’s far sturdier and much more aesthetically pleasing than the clear plastic bags on offer for your toiletries at Glasgow Airport. I don’t need to worry about liquids and carry-on so much this time around, but it’s going to stand me in good stead for future adventures I reckon – and I may change my mind about a little lipstick and moisturiser for the flight, I’m going to New York after all!

Tell me about your travel essentials. Have I just been looking in the wrong place for the gift set that ticks all my boxes?

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