christmas 2015: ‘me time’ with wynsors shoes;

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably booked solid every evening from now until at least the 27th. You’ll have gifts to wrap (and, possibly, finishing purchasing); Christmas dos to show face at and friends and family to catch up with – while work deadlines stack up ahead of that strange, grey lull that, depending on your line of work, will leave you bored until mid-January.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it can also be one of the most draining ones; particularly for those of us with anxiety. I’ve been running on fumes for at least a month now, hanging on for the slowdown that never seems to arrive. I’d like to think I would have hacked it until slapping on the out-of-office at midday on Christmas Eve, had I not had a bad reaction to giving blood on Wednesday afternoon that knocked me out for a day. I should be back at work by the time you’re reading this, though. There are exciting things afoot today, all being well.

Wynsors - Christmas me time
Wynsors - Kisses claw slippers

Wynsors, the shoe shop, understand the importance of making time for ‘me time’ over the festive season as much as anyone, so when they asked if I would get involved in their festive campaign I jumped at the chance. They offered to supply the essentials – candles, hot chocolate, a blanket and my choice from their selection of ladies’ slippers – meaning all I had to do was source a good book, pyjamas and some loafing kitties.

Wynsors - loafing Scooter
Wynsors - loafing Biggie

Despite them looking like nothing I’d generally choose for myself, I couldn’t resist the Kisses Claw novelty slippers – I’m not sure whether it was the prospect of stomping about the house with big monster feet, or the fact that the claws have glitter on them. I’m not a big slippers wearer – I feel the heat easily, so I tend to cut about the house in old flipflops – but if your plan is to get properly cosy, as few can resist in winter, they can’t be beat. I’m sure it comes as no surprise just looking at the pictures that these really are properly cosy, while the exteriors are so fluffy I’m amazed the cats haven’t adopted them as family. But, and more importantly, the soles are also sturdy enough to take a beating from scattered cat litter and padding outside when necessary to check whether or not the takeaway delivery driver is lost on our new-build estate.

Wynsors - Life is Grand solid hot chocolate
Wynsors - Claw slippers

How do you like to make time for yourself at Christmastime?

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  1. rachelle renée
    December 18, 2015 / 5:39 pm

    those look amazing! enjoy!