christmas-eve-eve style with woznow;

Is there any feeling greater or more longed-for than switching off the out-of-office until January?

I actually only made it into the office one day this week – the product, unfortunately, of a particularly virulent bout of sinusitis – and still I know this to be true. That said, during our team Christmas lunch last week the conversation turned, as these things tend to, to how long you’d manage to stay away from work for if you happened to win the lottery.

Three days. That’s how long I can handle being sick for before I am officially Bored To Tears.

Pre-Christmas payday falling where it did, I was prevented from channelling the bursts of nervous energy that fell between somnambulance into something productive, like finishing my preparations for the big day. Did I tell you that Stringer and I are cooking Christmas dinner for my mum, for the first time, this year? I’ve reserved a huge turkey and have a fistful of recipes bookmarked on the BBC Good Food site: I just need to find the time to buy the stuff, the potatoes and the crackers and the fresh herbs and the flour that will thicken the gravy. So that’s tomorrow’s task – something which, all being well, I will be embarking upon as you read this scheduled post.

Christmas Eve Eve Style with Woznow
Christmas Eve Eve Style with Woznow

I’m sure you care not one jot about what I plan to wear for my last minute dash around the shops tomorrow but tough, because I somehow managed to go three months without owning a pair of jeans and I’m incredibly excited to own some again. I’ve once again been discovering shops that wouldn’t necessarily have been my first pick for clothing thanks to Woznow (geddit?) – an online shopping platform from the same folks that brought you Octer, but where everything is on sale (geddit now?).

With Woznow to search the shops for me, I was able to look for jeans and trousers in my preferred flared/boot-cut style (surprisingly difficult to find, she says while shaking her fist at you lot in your skinny jeans) – eventually finding the perfect pair in Boden* of all places. Of course, I have since discovered that middle-class mummies are exceptionally tall, meaning I’m wearing mine with fetching turn-ups until I have time to take the hems up, but they fit great at the waist. And at sixty quid a pair full-price, I would never have known if it hadn’t been for Woznow.

Christmas Eve Eve Style with Woznow

I also had a quick browse of the knitwear category, since it’s winter after all; eventually coming away with a cute scoop-neck knit top from River Island* in my favourite lemon yellow as well as an intriguing cardigan/cape-style garment from ONLY*, via a site I’d never heard of called Zalando. The cardigan in particular was love at first wear: the single button style means I can wear it over anything for a stylishly casual look, and the mix of fibres make it deliciously warm to wear.

Christmas Eve Eve Style with Woznow

Woznow is definitely a site I’ll be making further use of into the Boxing Day sales and beyond – assuming I have any cash left after picking up this turkey. What are your plans for Christmas dinner?

I’ll catch you next week with my songs and albums of the year, but in the meantime I hope you have a lovely break if you are celebrating – and that you remember you are loved if this is a difficult time of year for you.

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  1. December 24, 2016 / 12:50 pm

    Ahw, I’m sorry that you have been sick! I had so much to finish off at work before Christmas and I totally failed, so I’ve just stuck my out of office on, and I’ll come back to it in January, haha. Your jeans look lovely! I only wear high waisted non-skinny jeans too, so it can be a pain to find them. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! xx


    • December 26, 2016 / 10:37 pm

      Same to you, Jess! This is the best bit of the year for office workers: since the rest of the world has slowed down as well, not only do we get to take time off but we also get to actually enjoy it without worrying about what we’re missing. I almost logged into my work email today on reflex, but managed to stop myself in time…