coming to the chorus: last month’s mix, february 2008;

In what I hope is the final, final teething problem I have to encounter as I get used to iRena, it’s taken me all night to upload this month’s mix. Just in from our Jo’s birthday/leaving Glasgow party, and not yet packed for the Hold Steady: Round 2, so not much in the way of insightful commentary. Except this selection seems even more random than last time around, and a little too heavy on the novelty covers.

In my defence, the first draft of this mix featured the original “Into The Mystic”, but I take part in a monthly mix exchange and the gentleman who will be receiving mine is a bigger Van Morrison fan than I am. And with Hansard & Irglova’s big triumph still fresh, it seemed appropriate.

And yes, the last track might have been a recent selection.

This should remain up for download until it’s time for the next instalment. Monthly Most Played will return next month, as according to my new iTunes library I’ve been listening to Steve Earle’s “If You Fall” and very little else. Back in Glasgow on Sunday – be good while I’m gone.

I Don’t Know Darlin’, But We’re Coming To The Chorus Now: last month’s mix, Feb 2008
1. Tom Waits: The Piano Has Been Drinking (Not Me)
2. Billy Bragg: Waiting For The Great Leap Forward
3. The Format: The First Single
4. Death Cab For Cutie: World Shut Your Mouth
5. Josh Ritter: Right Moves
6. The Damnwells: I’ve Got You
7. Thao Nguyen: Bag of Hammers
8. Red House Painters: Have You Forgotten
9. Marah: Songbirdz
10. The Mountain Goats: Heretic Pride
11. John Vanderslice: The Minaret
12. Songdog: A Prayer To Old Idols
13. Vampire Weekend: Exit Music (For A Film)
14. Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova: Into The Mystic
15. The Hold Steady: Killer Parties

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