distant stations: last month’s mix, april 2008;

One of these days I’ll put these together at some time other than 1am, enabling me to provide pithy commentary to accompany my monthly mix. One of these days…

April features new, or new-ish, tracks from albums by Malcolm Middleton, Sun Kil Moon, Kathleen Edwards, Angus & Julia Stone and the Indelicates; oldies by Dylan, the Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel – among others. And if there’s anything in there that seems at odds with the already well-established boundaries of my limited musical taste (sing along with the sad songs, indeed), then it’s probably best not to question it.

Staying In Is The New Going Out: last month’s mix, April 2008
1. The Mountain Goats: Distant Stations
2. Malcolm Middleton: Blue Plastic Bags
3. Neutral Milk Hotel: Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
4. Incubus: Drive
5. PJ Harvey: Memphis
6. The National: Thirsty
7. The Dark [live]: Ben Kyle & Ryan Adams
8. Chris Bathgate: Cold Press Rail
9. Kathleen Edwards: The Cheapest Key
10. Bob Dylan: Positively 4th Street
11. Angus & Julia Stone: Hollywood
12. Sun Kil Moon: Moorestown
13. The Indelicates: Heroin
14. Death Cab For Cutie: Rocking Chair
15. Lucero: Nobody’s Darlings

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Monthly Most Played after the jump.

Monthly Most Played as of April 2008:
1= Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road [4] 1= Marah: Formula, Cola, Dollar Draft [2] 3. The Mountain Goats: You Or Your Memory [1] 4= The Avett Brothers: If It’s The Beaches [NE] 4= Jesse Malin: Looking For A Love [2] 4= Marah: Songbirdz [=] 4= Mark Kozelek: What’s Next To The Moon [NE] 4= Matthew Ryan: Dulce Et Decorum Est [=] 4= The Mountain Goats: Distant Stations [NE] 4= The Mountain Goats: The Recognition Scene [NE] 4= Neutral Milk Hotel: Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone [NE] 4= Sun Kil Moon: Lily and Parrots [NE]