dream big with new make-up palettes from urban decay;

Mind the Urban Spectrum palette? The palette of dreams that Urban Decay brought out last Christmas, that I bought on release day like it was somebody’s long-anticipated comeback album, and this was 1998?

Well, they just owned it.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette
Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette

For Christmas 2016, Urban Decay has gone Full Spectrum* with the most incredible collection of matte and shimmer eyeshadows that run from bold, bright colours to pure white. With 21 shades to choose from (18 of which are brand new, plus three from previous palettes – including two colourful picks from the Alice Through the Looking Glass palette) Full Spectrum might just be the last palette you’ll ever need. Even if, like me, you can’t get enough of colour.

I’d been eyeing (lol) this one up on social media, with the intention of adding it to my Christmas list – so when one popped through my door unannounced I shrieked enough to wake the neighbours. (Shoutout to 17-year-old me, setting up her first blog in her Grifter glitter eyeshadow – you did good, baby!) It takes seeing this one in person to appreciate the full effect anyway: the sleek, black case with jewelled “UD” logo; and the strips of shades reflecting the colours of the rainbow, which are particularly pleasing to the eye.

The shades are grouped by colour family, including a “wildcard” row that runs from slate grey to brilliant white. You can stay in lane for the perfect ombre eye, or mix and match to create all sorts of looks. Guess the approach I’ve taken, go on.

Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette
Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette

As is to be expected with Urban Decay, these are beautifully formulated, blendable shadows with real staying power, particularly when paired with my game-changing Eden primer. While some of the shades are not for the fainthearted (check in with me in a year and I’ll let you know whether the bright yellow Calavera has taken so much as a dent) there’s definitely something for everyone in here. Midnight Blaze (black matte with yellow-gold pearl) is a stunning shade, as is the lavender/gold shimmer Faded which goes on like a bruise, and settles into something that Glinda the Good Witch would be proud of. My current favourite combo is a sweep of rust-coloured Warning on the eyelid, blended with the metallic Goldmine right up to the browbone.

For £43, you’re paying just over £2 per shade – which doesn’t take into account the pretty decent double-ended brush that comes with the palette. If you’re not one for colour, that might still seem like a steep investment – but if your nearest and dearest have been sniffing around for Christmas list hints, this one comes highly recommended. And if you are one for colour, it’s a positive bargain!

So I was a very happy little Urban Decay fan indeed last week. And then another surprise parcel showed up.

Urban Decay Vice Blackmail Lipstick Palette
Urban Decay Vice Blackmail Lipstick Palette

If you’re a makeup fan at all, Urban Decay’s big lipstick re-launch earlier this year could hardly have escaped your notice. Their Vice lipsticks come in a whopping 100 shades across six different finishes including sheer, cream and a comfort matte that is so easy to wear that even I can get behind it. My personal favourite, however, are the “metalicised” shades – you know those glitter lip kits? Imagine that, but in lipstick form so that you can apply and reapply them all day. The hot pink Big Bang helped my sister and I survive this year’s waterlogged T in the Park while looking – well, not glam exactly, but there’s nothing like a bit of sparkle to take your mind off your hair.

The Blackmail Vice Lipstick Palette* features 12 of those 100 shades (including Big Bang!) in a neat, portable palette, and comes with a cute extendable brush with which to apply them. You’ll find nudes and pinks, the red that suits everyone (714) and the showstopper: Blackmail, a shade that looks black in the palette but applies as a rich, deep wine colour. If, like me, you can never settle on a lipstick shade, this palette is your holiday packing sorted.

With Black Friday coming up this week, you might be able to pick up a bargain on some of these – I know that Debenhams, for example, have 10% off across beauty all week. Never one to miss the chance to put the “black” into Black Friday, Urban Decay will be taking 20% off its iconic Perversion mascara in its standalone boutiques and online over the weekend, so check back then to take advantage.

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