how to dress for your first boat party. seriously;

You’ve probably read, over the past few months, the same flurry of posts as I have about how there is no “authenticity” in blogging anymore, and about how bloggers are no longer “relatable” with their designer handbags and high-end collaborations.

This is rarely a problem here at Last Year’s Girl, as I am aware that I have a loyal band of readers who are here to see me “keep it real”. Which is why I thought it only right for us to talk about what one should wear for a boat party in the Arabian Gulf.

How to dress for your first boat party


When my sister told me I had an invite to her friend’s surprise birthday party, I knew it would be the perfect opportunity to show off my lovely new swimsuit* from Hunkemöller’s gorgeous swimwear range. Well, I was hardly going to get the opportunity to pose in it back home. There was just one problem (well, two if you count how I was supposed to get from the taxi, through a shopping mall, to the boat itself in a country where women should be careful about showing too much flesh): it was a breezier than anticipated day.

Enter this ASOS maxi dress in my favourite lemon yellow, which had popped up in some cleverly targeted advertising while I was innocently browsing news sites a couple of days before my holiday. As a short, curvy thing, maxi dresses make me nervous – but the response, when I sent a link to my sister to ask for her advice, was that she had already sent me the money for it. Though the tie back is an incredible faff, the dress itself adds effortless glamour for those occasions when you want to look a little more dressy than you would in the usual beachwear.

How to dress for your first boat party
How to dress for your first boat party

It’s been a long time since I got a new swimsuit. I’m not really one for poolside or resort-based holidays, and over the last few years I haven’t really had the confidence to strip off on the beach. On the few occasions that I’ve needed it, I’ve fallen back on an ancient little halterneck swimsuit with a built-in skirt – one which, I told myself, sufficiently covered enough of my pale, lumpy flesh to protect the delicate sensibilities of fellow holidaymakers.

But Hunkemöller’s Kobalt Oceans swimsuit is gorgeous enough to blast me right out of my comfort zone. With its flattering neckline, and pleated fabric across the front, I felt like a million dollars – and although my gut instinct was to recoil when I saw how much thigh the high-cut leg exposed when I looked back on the photographs, when I look at them now all I can remember is how amazing I felt in that moment.

I had actually abandoned the idea of getting any photos of the suit itself on the boat when I realised how windy it was – but I reckoned without my own personal art director, who had other ideas. It seems that MC had the perfect shot in mind when I told her that I would be writing about the suit on my blog, and we had been out at sea for about an hour when she shouted me to the front of the boat. I clung on to my hat for dear life, and grinned.

How to dress for your first boat party

Founded in the Netherlands, Hunkemöller has recently begun shipping a gorgeous selection of lingerie, swimwear, nightwear and accessories to the UK and although their size range isn’t the widest, they do go up to an H cup in many styles. Their packaging is spot-on as well, which means that every pretty purchase feels like a proper little gift to yourself.

As the wind prevented me from getting all of the shots I wanted on the boat, I snuck up to the roof of my sister’s apartment building for a last half hour of vitamin D before I headed to the airport on Monday. I’m really looking forward to getting this swimsuit out again on my summer holiday – something I never thought I’d find myself saying.

How to dress for your first boat party
How to dress for your first boat party

Thanks to MC for her art direction, and to Jamie and Anna for taking photos on the boat.

SWIMSUIT: Hunkemöller*
HAT: Accessorize (old)

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This post contains PR samples, but all views are my own and unbiased.



  1. March 24, 2017 / 10:20 am

    Stunning swimsuit – you look amazing! And that lemon yellow maxi? Yellow is definitely your colour.
    But again, I have far too much love for Lemon Yellow! I was debating over whether to buy a pair of lemon yellow heels from Asos today to match my lemon yellow tulle skirt, and I think you have just pushed me over the edge from “Should I??” to “WHERE’S MY CREDIT CARD!”.

    • March 24, 2017 / 10:33 am

      The maxi dress is half price now too… just saying. If you’re doing an Asos order anyway… 😉

      Thanks my love, have been bricking it about posting this pic! xx

  2. rachelle renée
    March 27, 2017 / 7:01 pm

    You look great!!!

  3. March 29, 2017 / 7:37 am

    Cute suit and you look great in it! I think I may have to look into getting a suit myself. It has been way too long since I have had one.

    • March 29, 2017 / 10:27 am

      Oh, definitely! Especially since you live somewhere that is ACTUALLY WARM a lot of the time! x

      • March 29, 2017 / 3:45 pm

        I know! It’s been years since I have been in a pool and my parents’ have a pool!