enigmatic noodlers: the murnie interview;

Murnie is a Glasgow-by-way-of-Lanarkshire “power trio” that, over the past couple of years, has been releasing fairly regular EPs of loud, melodic tunes. They snuck the last one out before the end of last year – like, right on the 31st, because they were determined to make it a 2012 release. You can pick up the Crackle EP for a mere £1 on Bandcamp right now, and the band have made the first two of their four EPs to date free/pay what you like.

Murnie is Simon (guitar/bass, and vocals), Neil (piano/keyboards, and vocals) and Norry (drums, and vocals). It’s minimal, but it works.

Who’s in the band, and how did you get together?
Simon, Neil and Norry. Si and Neil knew each other from way back and noodled around for a bit before advertising for a drummer. Norry was the one who got what they were looking for straight away.

Three words to describe your sound…
Our motto is: “Never knowingly cool”. We don’t chase scenes or push envelopes. Cheese is welcome. We just do what we think sounds good.

What influences you?
Things that are well crafted and packed with good ideas. We love quirky, odd shit too. There’s nothing more meh than a retread of something that’s been done a ton of times before. Even when it’s done competently, by supermodels. (Unless the supermodels are dressed like characters from Barbapapa.)

What releases/shows do you have planned at the moment?
Crackle, which is just out, is the second of three planned EPs that we’ve created out of the tracks we recorded for an album that was taking a lifetime to complete. The first EP was last year’s Sundaymouth, and the next release will be the last of that sequence. No gigs lined up for the moment, but we’re all feeling the itch, so we’ll probably rectify that soon.

Since it’s still January at the time of asking – what is your big hope as a band for 2013?
To get out and play live. It’s been a while. And to write some new material. Been aaaaaages since we did that.

And what are you listened to at the moment?
We all made our own lists for this…and they were stupidly long, so here’s a random selection.

Neil: Diagrams, Hot Panda and Mary Epworth.
Simon: Led Zeppelin’s Celebration Day, Bowie and Ben Folds Five.
Norry: Wayne Shorter, Elbow, Hilton Ruiz and working his way through 300 vinyl albums mostly from the 70s that someone gave him recently. Talk about dedication to your art.

More Murnie: Facebook | Twitter