food review: equi’s + isle of skye sea salt = epic;

Apparently I have this thing for salted caramel. I knew I liked it, obviously (unless we’re talking about the vile salted caramel “flavoured” doughnut I subjected myself to as part of my #100cakes Instagram project). But it wasn’t until I was waxing lyrical, as it were, about some Yankee Candle or other round at Sarah’s the other day that I discovered it was a Thing I Was Known For.

This revelation goes some way towards explaining the excitement I felt when I discovered that Equi’s – my favourite Scottish ice cream makers – had teamed up with Great Taste Award-winners Isle of Skye Sea Salt to create a brand new, salt and caramel ice cream flavour for the summer.

Equi's Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Caramel Ice Cream
Equi's Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Caramel Ice Cream

As a kid with an Italian surname growing up in the west of Scotland, it always felt like a missed opportunity that my family didn’t have an ice cream or a fish and chip shop. There is, apparently, a story about that involving my great great grandfather, and a bet that went wrong… Anyway, Equi’s, for those of you unfamiliar, is based in Hamilton, Lanarkshire where Pietro Equi opened his first cafe at Peacock Cross in 1922. They still operate their factory and flagship cafe in the town along with ice cream parlours in Motherwell and Aberdeen – and you can also find their glorious ice creams in over 250 locations across Scotland (Kandy Krunch, in the Barrowlands, is a local favourite).

Apparently Isle of Skye Sea Salt, which is drawn from the mineral rich sea water of Loch Snizort, to the north of the island, is renowned for its subtle flavour – which definitely comes across in the ice cream, in case you were worried that it wouldn’t be the sweet treat you were used to! The salted dulche de leche ribbon contrasts delightfully with the rich, creamy caramel ice cream, making this a really moreish ice cream flavour. There’s a reason I have no pictures of the tub filled to the brim, let’s put it that way…

Equi's ice cream prepacked tubs
Equi's ice cream serving suggestion

Equi’s Isle of Skye Sea Salt and Caramel ice cream can be purchased in 500ml prepacked tubs from certain stockists along with a range of other flavours – which, as of this summer, also include their bestselling Scottish Tablet flavour. I’d heard nothing but good things about this ice cream but, shamefully, had never tried it myself – I think I worried that a sweet I can usually only take in small doses would be a bit much as an ice cream. More fool me: this glorious combination of creamy panna cotta ice cream and chunks of locally sourced butter tablet was one of the nicest things I had ever tasted, and it won’t be long before I pick up some more. Perhaps with a scoop of Raspberry Cranachan on the side?

Have you tried any Equi’s ice creams? What’s your favourite flavour?

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