four ways to celebrate the first weekend of spring;

Last week was a weird one, weather-wise, even by this city’s standards.

On Monday, I boarded a flight in Dubai in 30 degree heat; and on Tuesday I woke up back home in Glasgow to snow on the ground. But by the weekend? I had taken the denim jacket out of hibernation (just in time to show off two brand new Punky Pins too – the Mel Stringer collab Tara reviewed last week is fab, and I’m loving strutting around in the sun with a splash of Cute AF Juice on my collar).

This past weekend was a busy one with a haircut booked, Mother’s Day celebrations and a spot of BBC6 Music Festival reviewing, so I’m not convinced I made the most of the sunshine. Besides, it’ll be April on Saturday – my nephew and my sister’s birthday weekends, and I plan to celebrate with at least one of them – which strikes me as a more appropriate weekend to dub the first one of Spring.

Here are some things the nicer weather gets me in the mood for.

1. Clearing out my wardrobe

Shwopping for Oxfam - my wardrobe

The “spring clean” is perhaps the biggest cliche of all – which, in my case, tends to translate into clearing out my wardrobe. It doesn’t matter how many times I promise that I’ll limit myself to no more dresses than I can easily fit into the space that I have, and post here about shwopping and re-selling/donating – it’s like I turn my back and they multiply.

The good news is I already have several bags full of clothes just waiting for me to list them on Depop and the various Facebook dress resale groups and recoup some of the pennies I spent on them – the bad news is that’s even more time-consuming than hauling them out in the first place. Still, with the longer days, I can at least have a lie-in without missing the decent light to take pictures of them in.

2. Putting roses in my cheeks

First weekend of Spring - roses in my cheeks

You know what I mean: a brisk walk in the sunshine is nature’s natural blusher.

One of the best things about living where we do is the amount of green space around the estate, and I love leaving the house on sunny days to see kids playing football in the indented ground at the side of our house, or perched on the edge on a picnic blanket reading a book. Since last summer, they’ve built a footbridge right from the estate to the Cuningar Loop woodland park – where, when it’s cold but still bright, you can indulge in a coffee at the Wee Cabin Cafe and try to sneak pets from everybody’s dogs.

3. Throw an impromptu barbecue

First weekend of Spring - have a barbecue (or order in!)

I mean, why else buy a house with a small garden if not to cook as much of our food outdoors as we can? My favourite things about summer: barbecued food, and the smell of other people’s.

Stringer and I were talking just the other night actually about the possibility of paving over the little patch of grass at our backdoor to make space for a barbecue – so long as there’s still enough room for me to finally get around to planting a few herbs and vegetables, which has always been a dream of mine. Until then – or if we don’t have time to buy food in – there’s an ever-growing list of nearby burger places we can order in from.

4. Head for the seaside

Birthday Rituals - Largs

When Whitney, one of my American besties, was visiting a couple of years ago, I remember how excited she got when I told her that we’d spend a sunny September day at the seaside. She wore shorts. I’m not sure that she has ever forgiven me.

Sure, it’s hardly home of the golden sands and cocktails in sunbeds that my sister Whatsapps me pictures of every other weekend – but Largs has a special place in my heart. Less than an hour from the city centre by train (even less from my home town), you can pop out for chips, ice cream and a good gulp of sea air – and still make it home in time for dinner.

What do you look forward to most about spring and summer weekends?

This is a collaborative post with CJR media. All views are my own and unbiased.