freelance mondays: finding a work ‘base’ at the blythswood;

“Find yourself a base.”

This one tends to show up near the top of all those how to freelance/work from home without completely ruining your life-type listicles and, as tips go, it makes a lot of sense – particularly if your partner is also a WFH creative type and your shared office space is the smallest room in the house and is also in direct sunlight for six hours of the typical working day.

While the listicles will then go on to suggest a cafe or a branch of Starbucks, where the coffee is plentiful and the wifi is free, creatives in Glasgow now have a far more luxurious option.

Millennial Mondays at Blythswood Square Hotel

In keeping with its branding as the place to #BSeen, the five-star Blythswood Hotel has opened its doors as a creative hub for the city’s bloggers and digital influencers. Signing up as a member of the hotel’s ‘Millennial Mondays’ scheme entitles you to a free tea, coffee or smoothie, croissants and pastries, discounts on food and additional perks that you can take advantage of while you work in the peaceful, luxurious surroundings of the Salon bar.

The launch of Millennial Mondays actually coincided with me getting the news that Monday would be my freelance day, and so I had always planned to spend my first one proper at the Blythswood. Knowing that I was heading into town to work meant that I couldn’t get away with sleeping late and with fast, free wifi available throughout the hotel and coffee that’s way better than anything I could make in the house I managed to have a really productive day – despite the fire alarm that shattered my peace halfway through my latte.

Millennial Mondays at Blythswood Square Hotel
Millennial Mondays at Blythswood Square Hotel

The catch? Why, that you tweet the bejesus out of it of course, or write a blog post just like this one singing the praises of the Blythswood as a cool place to work. As a strategy, it’s genius: the Salon bar is both a gorgeous space and the perfect working environment, and it seems like a waste to leave it empty on what would be an otherwise quiet Monday. Unlike at a busy coffee shop, where you’d need more nerve than me not to feel guilty taking up space and a power socket for the price of a single cup of overpriced coffee for more than an hour, I was never made to feel unwelcome despite pulling a full 10am-6pm shift. The staff checked in unobtrusively from time to time to see if I needed another hot drink, but otherwise left me to get on with my work.

We should probably talk about that name, though: is there anybody under the age of 35, who doesn’t work in advertising, that actually uses the term “millennial”? As somebody who technically is one by most definitions, I’m not convinced that those of us born in the early 1980s who grew up on the internet have more in common with those born in the 90s who grew up with it, than I do with my (two years older) Gen X husband. Sure, I miss most of his cultural references, but that’s more because I didn’t watch much TV or many films as a kid when I could have been reading books. And also because Batfink doesn’t exist.

Millennial Mondays at Blythswood Square Hotel

Still, if accepting the label gets me sweet perks the likes of which are on offer at the Blythswood, then I’ll take it. As one of the hotel’s Millennials, you can expect access to special discounts and events throughout the year – including, last Monday only, 50% off food in the hotel’s five-star restaurant. While there isn’t much that I would class as a “working lunch” on the menu (and it turns out that I don’t actually like beef stroganoff, the seasonal special of the day, much), enjoying a formal lunch for one in a cute booth on my first freelance Monday proper definitely goes down as an early highlight of my new working pattern.

Like the sound of Millennial Mondays? For more information, and to apply, visit the Blythswood Square website.

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  1. May 15, 2017 / 9:49 am

    Ah I wish this had been an option when I was WFH in Glasgow! If you need a change of scenery though, I can highly recommend the co-working space at The Whisky Bond. The cafe downstairs is fab and the space is lovely!

    • May 15, 2017 / 1:32 pm

      Thanks for the tip! It’s a bit of a pain for me to get to (two buses!) but it’s close to my gym I think, so I’ll definitely bear it in mind x