how to talk to russian oligarchs at weddings: the pop!south column;

Hello fine friends! It’s Pop!South’s bi-monthly column of musical funtimes. Oh how I wish I was more on top of things and able to chat with you each month, but real life has an inconsiderate way of interceding. This time, it is my ever looming PhD that has gobbled up my writing time.

Some of you may know that I design the posters and other various Pop!South paraphernalia, but you may not be aware that I am also pursuing my PhD in Design at the Edinburgh College of Art. I’ll be exhibiting some of my creative practice at the Glad Cafe during the month of April. My first solo show! To celebrate, Pop!South is putting on a variety show for the opening night on April 5th. All of the acts tie back in some way to the exhibition’s themes: comics, memory, and narrative. Of course, you don’t need to know that to enjoy the night of fun we have lined up.

Before the gig kicks off, we’ll be hosting a drink’n’draw from 5:30 until doors at 7. The evening will begin with a bit of theatre. Inspired by seeing DeeCAP last summer, this will be Glasgow’s first performance of comics art. Using audio-visual support, comics creators will enact their work in a variety of ways. These skits will feature members of Team Girl Comic.

Local band Froth kicks off the music portion of the evening. I have thoroughly enjoyed their debut EP, The Girl Who Fell To Space. They’re are an up and coming five-piece from Glasgow, whose members include comics creators. They play infectious songs about a diverse range of topics, from intergalactic gaming to Shannyn Sossamon.

To mix things up again, Liz Ely is coming over from Edinburgh to bring the laughs. Liz’s stand-up highlights class and gender issues, with helpful tips on how to talk to Russian Oligarchs at weddings.

Yakuri Cable, another Glaswegian band who have come out with a great debut EP in the past year, are up next, bringing their infectious, sparkly pop to the mix. This is one of their warm-up shows before they go on a UK tour this spring supporting The Very Most.

Closing the evening out will be Shambles Miller. If you’re unfamiliar with Miller he writes humorous folk songs about things he loves and things that make him angry, Deadpool and what a horrible person Chris Brown is. These kind of things endear me to a person. He’s also visually represented around the web by drawings from his friend and comics collaborator, Neil Slorance.

So if any or all of these things sound like fun, come on down on April 5th. It’s only a fiver for the whole shebang.

Coming up in May, we’ve got a more international affair, as we bring you One Happy Island from the US, The Wendy Darlings from France, and Dora Maar from [the slightly less exotic] Edinburgh. It will also be one of our rare ventures north of the Clyde, as we’ll be coming to you from Broadcast, front and city centre. We’ll bring you more info on that gig soon, and hope to see you on April 5th!