in which thieves are crap but franz nicolay is not;

Rubbish news reaches us via Franz Nicolay’s Facebook page:

Well I got robbed of my computer, passport, and tour cash at the venue last night. Got a new passport and playing in Le Mans tonight, ’cause what else are you gonna do, but I feel pretty defeated. Show’s at Au Singe En Hiver.

As most of you know, I’ve been a huge fan of Franz since back when he was a member of The Hold Steady – embarrassing as this is to admit about a band whose lyrics I have tattooed on my shoulder, I’ve grown to prefer Franz’s own songwriting since the release of Major General in 2009. He’s a gifted storyteller; both in person, during his always-entertaining live shows, and in his songwriting, which fuses myth and literary references with a dash of the unexpected. I promoted his last two Glasgow shows, and I know that many of you enjoyed them as much as I did.

What I’m saying is, now might be a good time to check out his back catalogue and maybe purchase something digitally, as all the money will go straight to Franz. He uploaded some outtakes from most recent album Do The Struggle this morning, but here are my favourite songs from his three full-length albums in case you need a little more convincing.

Cats? Aye! Records are also donating any proceeds from sales this week to Franz, and The Cut-Ups have put their first album up on Bandcamp with whatever they make for the rest of March going to Franz.