it started with a house show: the monthly pop!south column;

With the first trio of Pop!South gigs under our belts, we’re excited to continue our foray into gig promotion. By all accounts, July’s gigs went well and were well received. We even got a lovely lovely review of Gig #2 from Is This Music?, which gives us hope we’re doing things right! There’s been so much support from the community, and we’re ever so grateful to everyone who came out, all of the bands, and everyone at the Glad Cafe.

We’ve got two gigs lined up this month, which might be surprising, given just three weeks ago I reported that we only had one planned! When the lovely ladies of The Middle Ones put out a call for someone to help them out in Scotland, we really couldn’t say no though. Could you? Northerners trapped in the South (Norwich and Bristol), Anna and Grace create unique anti-folk-inflected indie-pop with swooping vocal harmonies and every instrument they can find. Don’t miss them.

This will be our first gig north of the Clyde, although only just. We’ll be utilizing Plan B Book’s basement space, the evening after they’re putting on Harry & The Potters, Martha, Chrissy Barnacle and The Pumpkin Pasties. It’s a very good weekend to be hanging out in the basement of a comic book store, let me tell you! And did I mention it’s BYOB?

Frozy join The Middle Ones on this tour, bringing their fuzzy, scuzzy, infectious lo-fi indie-pop to the mix. This is just plain good fun, as you might expect from a band describing themselves as “a dream-pop slumber-party”.

We’ve also wrangled in some lovely local support in the form of Where We Lay Our Heads and Nyla. Our appreciation for Where We Lay Our Heads, like a good indie-pop love affair, started at a house-show. They played a very stripped back show that night but their gorgeous pop sensibilities shone. We are looking forward to a slightly noisier evening this time. They’ve recently released the punnily titled “Keanu Leaves”, but as a sample, have a listen to “Bury You” from a couple years back:

Plan B’s own Nyla will get the evening started with her Kimya Dawson-inspired anti-folk. Wielding her ukulele and one of the sharpest wits in Glasgow, and always wearing her heart on her sleeve, you can’t possibly listen to Nyla without smiling. Which is good, as she titled her first EP, The Whole Point of this EP is to Make You Smile.

All four bands for a mere £5! If you’re short on cash but want to have a lot of fun, you could do a lot worse than coming along to this gig.

The following Friday, the 23rd, we’re back at the Glad, with Haiku Salut, A New International (formerly The Starlets) and Ally Kerr. Haiku Salut just played Indietracks, will be opening the main stage at Green Man this year, were track of the day on Mojo, and will be supporting for Lau in just a few months. That’s a pretty good year for three Derbyshire lasses! I am absolutely in love with their adorable animated video for Glockelbar:

Haiku Salut – Glockelbar from Haiku Salut on Vimeo.

A New International is more familiar than the name suggests. When the sound of the music The Starlets were making sounded more like what they describe as the combination of street music, carnival, music hall, cabaret, chanson, circus, movies, gypsy, folk + pop, they decided it was such a departure that it deserved a new name. Here’s a wee taster from their first show in June.

Last, but certainly not least, we have Ally Kerr, an assured songwriter and fine performer, who has recently released his third album, Viva Melodia. Beautifully melodic, folk-tinged pop can be guaranteed!

Come and say ‘Hi!’, and feel free to get in touch on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Hope we see you out at one of these gigs!



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