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I’ve never believed in keeping clothes for “good”.

Tulle on Tuesdays. Flower crown Fridays. Eyeshadow which matches my hair streaks which match my glasses frame which matches my underwear. The compliments are nice (well, not about the underwear, although I’ll never turn my nose up at a good bardot-and-bra-strap combo, no matter what Ask A Manager says), but it’s never been about that as much as having something to smile about when I look in the mirror. I like to be my own cheerleader – and dress like it, too.

It’s not just about clothes, though. I’ve never really kept anything for “good”. My souped-up MacBook Pro is covered in stickers and dents, the tender caresses of thousands of furious words. I throw my expensive camera in my handbag, leave piles of records under my desk and never clean my make-up brushes. I’ve never seen the point in spending money on things if I’m not going to use them, and I rarely have the time to be gentle.

Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie
Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie

Despite all that chat about me not being much of a goal-orientated person I’ve been working, slowly, on a 40 before 40 list (you know… because it went so well the last time). I’ve got this idea that, by then, I’ll have a wardrobe full of colourful things that give me joy every time I look at them. Not minimalist – not by a long shot – but nothing that gets pushed towards the back of the wardrobe and never worn either.

I like to think I’m halfway there. I’ve “gamified” my wardrobe, see: split clothes into categories I can shop from using a random number generator (saves time in the morning, too!). But even now, and even with half a head of body acceptance, there are still things I don’t wear and that don’t fit that I cannot bear to part with.

Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie

This month, at least, I’m making a start. I’ve teamed up with Mercari – a new social shopping platform, recently launched in the UK – to share the (wardrobe) love and see if I can find new homes for my unloved and unappreciated clothes, shoes and beauty bits. The app is simple to use and fun to browse, with a useful “save” feature that makes it easy to find your favourite items again and get notified, quickly, if the seller drops the price.

For sellers, no listing fees is a big plus – and for buyers, the fact that postage is included in the purchase price means no nasty surprises at the checkout. I’ll be listing new items weekly all month, so download the app and give me a follow – and if you use invite code PJHBZX when you sign up, you’ll get £2 credit to put towards your first purchase.

Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie
Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie

So what will I do with all that wardrobe space I’m going to have? Why, FILL IT WITH JUMPSUITS… like this dreamy music note patterned one* from Joanie Clothing. True story: I was pitching them a workwear feature (can you blame me: their new workwear is incredible) but ended up admitting that the item at the top of my personal wishlist was in the sale. Of course, they’re such babes that they sent me it anyway – and they must have known what they were doing, because I’m pretty sure this is my most-liked Instagram post of all time.

I wasn’t sure if the orange wall would work – it’s never felt like my colour – but you try finding somewhere to shoot an outfit in Glasgow after dark. The photos are by Charlotte, as usual, and the necklace is the first one from Tatty Devine I ever owned (a birthday present from my bezzer sometime back in the early aughts).

I mean, we all know multi-coloured music notes and plastic guitar picks are my jam.

Lis in Jerry Musical Note Print Jumpsuit by Joanie

JUMPSUIT: Joanie Clothing*
BOOTS: Katy Perry Collections
NECKLACE: Tatty Devine
EARRINGS: …idk, Topshop I guess?
BRACELET: Star of the Sea Jewellery

This post contains a PR sample, but all views are my own and unbiased.