i know you wish for fireworks: last year’s mix, 2016;

I feel as if I spent most of this (last) year listening to albums, at the expense of falling in love with songs.

It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s also the thing that I was most afraid of: that, as my relationship with music became increasingly “professional”, I’d lose touch with the thing that made it become such an important part of my life in the first place. And so I’ve spent the last couple of days, while engaged in a project to get my wardrobe into the sort of shape where I could maybe close it if I wanted to keep the cats out (I don’t: Biggie looks so cosy in there, and I’ve long embraced the mantra of one of my favourite Veronica Dearly pins), listening to songs from 2016 on shuffle and remembering every time the music stopped me in my tracks this year.

A case in point: this song, by a band that my friends at Pop!South* have hosted here in Glasgow but which I only heard when it played over the end credits of the penultimate episode of my favourite TV show in the autumn. I don’t want to hear one word about the New Year’s episode of Eastenders, incidentally: I’m still not over how season 3 of You’re The Worst ended.

I feel as though, this year more than ever, my annual mixtape and my Festive Fifty are two very distinct entities – which is good news for you, depending on whether you like your poison downloadable or streaming. With this year bringing an end to near-weekly formal album reviews elsewhere, I hope I find the time to celebrate and endorse the stuff that genuinely does bring me joy.

I Know The Old You (You Know The Old Me): Last Year's Mix, 2016 artwork

TRACKLIST! Vol. 1: 1. Beans on Toast, “2016”; 2. Martha: “Ice Cream and Sunscreen”; 3. Bleached: “Keep On Keepin’ On”; 4. United Fruit: “Cog in the Wheel”; 5. Adam Stafford, “Atheist Money”; 6. Don Dilego, “Up In Smoke”; 7. Lucy Dacus, “Green Eyes, Red Face”; 8. Margaret Glaspy, “Somebody to Anybody”; 9. Blind Pilot, “Packed Powder”; 10. Holy Esque, “ST”; 11. The Wave Pictures, “Panama Hat”; 12. Big Thief, “Masterpiece”; 13. Esme Patterson, “Moth Song”; 14. Lady Lamb, “We Are Nobody Else”; 15. Rachael Yamagata, “Black Sheep” [86MB, zipped mp3s]

Vol. 2: 1. The Sandwitches, “Say Say Oh Playmate” [Aquarium Drunkard session]; 2. Hannah Georgas, “Crazy Shit”; 3. Amanda Shires, “When You’re Gone”; 4. Book Group, “Late Show”; 5. Laura Gibson, “The Cause”; 6. Kid Canveral, “First We Take Dumbarton”; 7. Hinds, “Warts”; 8. Frankie Cosmos, “On The Lips”; 9. The Regrettes, “A Living Human Girl”; 10. American Wrestlers, “Amazing Grace”; 11. Tiny Dinosaurs, “Shake”; 12. Against Me!, “Delicate, Petite and Other Things I’ll Never Be”; 13. The Jezabels, “Smile”; 14. Lydia Loveless, “Same to You”; 15. Brian Fallon, “A Wonderful Life” [74MB, zipped mp3s]

Vol. 3: 1. Ette, “Attack of the Glam Soul Cheerleader Pts 1&2”; 2. Drive-By Truckers, “Surrender Under Protest”; 3. Bette Akkemaai, “Loud Femininity”; 4. Jenny Hval, “Period Piece”; 5. King Creosote, “Betelgeuse”; 6. Jo Mango, “Wisps of Something”; 7. Kate Jackson, “Last of the Dreamers”; 8. Pinegrove, “Old Friends”; 9. Honeyblood, “Ready for the Magic”; 10. The Menzingers, “Lookers”; 11. Femme, “Fever Boy”; 12. The Prettiots, “Skulls”; 13. Lisa Hannigan, “Undertow”; 14. Laurence Made Me Cry, “Mneme”; 15. BOY, “New York” [73MB, zipped mp3s]

*Sadly, but unsurprisingly given America’s (re)claiming of two of the group’s founder members – and of my best friends – Kat and Stoo, next month’s Pop!South Weekender 2017 will be their last event. But don’t be sad, because it’s going to be AMAZING with the likes of The Spook School, The Orchids and A New International already confirmed. Earlybird weekend tickets are available now, priced at £18 and including a £2 donation to Glasgow-based anti-poverty community group WestGAP.



  1. rachelle renée
    January 7, 2017 / 4:51 pm

    It just hit me: my all time favorite year end mix you’ve made is 10 years old!!! I still have it on my ipod and listen to it regularly.

    • January 7, 2017 / 11:02 pm

      That is VINTAGE… even the ones on my iTunes only go back to 2007! x