last year’s jams: somersaults;

Callum Marr would probably have had one of the most creative starts in life regardless, carrying the sort of genes that see children’s toys as a tool for some of the most delicate, evocative, experimental music coming out of Scotland at the moment. So it’s probably little surprise that he was making music before he was even born.

“Somersaults”, a new song by proud new daddy Esperi, was written the night baby Callum first kicked inside his mother and features the sound of his heartbeat. It’s a free download, released on his birthday, but in the words of the songwriter “if you’d like to leave a nappy donation you’re more than welcome”.

It sounds as if fatherhood has tapped into a rich, creative vein for Esperi and I challenge you to listen to this without welling up a little.

Congratulations, Chris and Jude. He’s beautiful 🙂 xxx