last year’s looks: miss l fire spring/summer 2013;

How are you, my little ducklings? I’m not at my best, and haven’t been for a couple of days. This morning was definitely one of those ones where you put on your yellowest dress, swallow your handful of pills and try your best to get on with it. At times like these it helps to knuckle down and focus on one thing, and in my case I’m very lucky that I’ve always been able to make my job that “one thing”. It means the rest of my commitments – freelance, social, whatever – tend to slip, but that’s just the way things have to be sometimes.

I was at our London office for the day yesterday, and had the opportunity to fulfil a commitment I made to myself on Sunday in the airport on the way home. Stansted doesn’t really have ice cream sundae facilities (you need to fly into one of the proper ones for that) but I made do with their banoffee waffle in a pinch.

I’ll tell you what else has perked me up a little today though: the arrival of the Spring/Summer 2013 “L” and “Miss L Fire” collections from my favourite shoe brand. And because this is my blog, and y’all have to indulge me in my depression, I’m going to share with you some of my favourites.

Miss L Fire - Tease

I get the impression that the “Casablanca” sling-back is Miss L Fire’s headline shoe this season, but I already have a similar-looking pair of heels and find them difficult enough to walk in. My comfortable favourite from the collection is the “Tease” wedge, either in the red or a pretty teal (calm down at the back there, Jules). They’re £109.99.

Miss L Fire - Woodie

The “Woodie” wedge is my other favourite from the more expensive ‘name’ collection: it’s also £109.99. The sailor stripes pictured above appeal the most, but it comes in four lovely – and very different – designs and looks incredibly comfortable.

Miss L Fire - Sailor

If you’ve ever worn a Miss L Fire shoe you’ll know yourself that they are worth the price tag, both in comfort and hard-wearingness (my cork sandals must be five or six years old this summer, and are still going strong). I confess that my shoes have to date come exclusively from the cheaper – and, generally, more eccentric – “L” range however; and for £64.99 the “Sailor” wedge in either blue or yellow might just be this summer’s purchase. Look how cute they are!

Miss L Fire - Sundae

For £69.99 though, the “Sundae” mesh wedge sandal is pure whimsy. I’d buy these and wear them once, by which time the gimmick would have worn off. They’re still adorable though, and I’ll bet they fit like slippers.

Visit the website to browse the new Miss L Fire and “L” by Miss L Fire collections online now – and there are some lingering bargains from earlier collections which are well worth checking out.