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On our very first viewing of this flat, I swore that if we ended up living here then the first thing I would change would be the dark blue paint job and hideously striped “feature wall” in the bedroom. I demanded all-purple fittings when we moved in, with a suitable paint job due to follow when time was available. A year passed. And then, when it became clear that the plan was to move on to somewhere properly our own, so did my enthusiasm.

It’s put me in an awkward position: while we don’t know yet when we will be moving out, it’s likely to be at least another six months if not a year away. It’s not far enough off to justify taking time off work, moving out the furniture and making a mess (yes, I’ve somehow reached the age of 32 without having ever painted a wall) and it’s certainly not enough to justify paying somebody else to do it. On the other hand, it’s a little too long to feel as if my bedroom is so ugly that it’s not a place I’d want to hang out and relax in: particularly when I’m determined to start spending some time before bed screen-free, chilling out and reading.

A couple of weeks ago, I tidied up a bit and bought a couple of things to make my sleeping/relaxing space a little nicer: a shoe rack, a bedside reading lamp. I finally put up the string of fairy lights I bought at Christmas time specifically for this purpose too.

Fairy lights - Bedroom
Bedside table - Bedroom
Record player - Bedroom
Cat hair - Bedroom

It also gave me an excuse to show off my new nightshirt from PJ Pan, an independent Perthshire company specialising in luxury pyjama separates. This nightshirt is comfortable, keeps me cool (a must when it comes to nightwear for me) and so gorgeous it’s tempting to haul on a pair of jeans underneath and go to the shops in it. PJ Pan began selling ladies’ nightwear in 2008 and soon expanded to offer men’s and children’s pyjamas too. The company specialises in pyjama bottoms in a range of pretty fabrics made from brushed or Egyptian cotton, but the range is complemented with vests, shorts, tops and nightshirts like the one I’m wearing.

PJ Pan nightshirt

As of July 2011, PJ Pan began making all of its nightwear in the UK which is something that is a point of pride for the company. All items are hand-tailored and finished, with genuine shell buttons, and an attention to detail that’s obvious from the minute you feel the pieces in your hands. They’re a little pricier than your average Primark PJs but that’s reflected in the quality – these aren’t made to shrug on and get straight into bed in, they feel like something you should sit around in on a long, lazy Sunday, eating croissants and reading the papers. All while experiencing the warm glow that comes with supporting a growing Scottish business, of course.

Go on, explore the website, and let me know what your favourite design is (or see if you can guess mine!)

More PJ Pan: Web | Facebook | Twitter

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a PJ Pan nightshirt for the purposes of this review. All opinions are 100% mine.