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When you come back from holiday, it can be a bit of a surreal experience noticing everything that’s changed while you were away. Yes, I’m aware that I was only away for 10 days – I know that it seems like longer given that I spectacularly failed at getting any of my planned posts up when I got back on Wednesday – but living on a new-build estate I sometimes find that things are unrecognisable by the time I get back from work!

There were two things I was particularly excited to discover: firstly, that our BT router had finally figured out we had moved house (finally, I can use Google Maps in the way it was intended again!); and secondly, that our recycling bins had finally arrived after three months of waiting.

Go Eco Store - malfunctioning camera

Sadly my malfunctioning camera – the real reason no posts appeared last week – is still an issue.

I know, I know: how very Homeowner of me; although if you have any sort of conscience at all you can’t help but feel a little sick when the council tells you just to chuck out all your cardboard and glassware in the meantime (we don’t have a car, making trips to a recycling facility an impossibility). We now have the full suite of bins out the back, and in true Smug Homeowner style purchased some silver street number decals off of eBay so the neighbours canny nick them.

I daresay this is one of those pure mortifying ‘hings you’re not supposed to admit once you’re a grown-up, but I was really disappointed when I discovered that the glass bottles you put in recycling bins didn’t just get sterilised and re-used, like the Irn Bru bottles of our childhood. Instead they grind it up, and although sometimes you can make new bottles and jars from the resulting material it tends to get used as road filler and in brickwork. Which was why I was thrilled to discover online gifts boutique Go Eco Store, which specialised in unique and quirky recycled glassware gifts including recycled tumblers, cheese boards, clocks and unusual steampunk jewellery.

And this incredible Coke bottle light* which has made the perfect addition to my 1950s-themed diner kitchen dining table.

Go Eco Store - Coke Bottle light
Go Eco Store - Coke bottle light

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this gorgeous wee light on the Go Eco Store website and was even more chuffed that I managed to blag one to feature on the blog (they were keen for me to review something else entirely!). But just look at it. Coca-Cola – ice cold, from a glass bottle – is probably my absolute favourite thing to drink and I have a major style crush on the classic red and vintage accessories (hence my love for the napkin dispenser I found on Amazon). The LED light comes in a range of colours and is sealed with an original bottlecap – with the battery unit self-contained in a little unit on the side of the bottle. It’s easy to use, and can survive outdoor use too: I’m actually tempted to pick up a few more to dot around the garden if I get around to hosting any barbecues or outdoor parties in the new house this summer.

Go Eco Store - Coke bottle light
Go Eco Store - Coke bottle light

Go Eco Store make lights like this from a whole variety of drink bottles – the Grey Goose vodka and Disarronno lights are particularly enchanting – and even some incredible-looking statement lamps if you want to carry on the theme in the living room. As homewares and as gifts, they’re unlike anything else I’ve ever seen – and if you’re going to kit your house out in Bombay Sapphire table lamps, let me know so that we can be friends.

Go Eco Store has been kind enough to offer 10% off everything in store to Last Year’s Girl readers until the end of August: use the code SUM15X at checkout. Go browse the site, and come back and let me know what you’re going to treat yourself or a friend to!

More Go Eco Store: Web | Facebook | Twitter

DISCLAIMER: This post contains a PR sample, but I was under no obligation to say anything nice about it. See my full disclosure policy.



  1. July 14, 2015 / 10:54 am

    I am loving this lamp! Looks great! I recently ‘made’ table decorations for a school prom by putting ikea fairy lights in ikea jars and staff were trying to steal them…I’ll point them in this website’s direction!!!
    Sarah x

    • July 16, 2015 / 3:07 pm

      We did something similar for our wedding now you mention it – using Ikea vases and battery-powered fairy lights I found on eBay. We ended up throwing them all out when we moved because they were too heavy to do anything with – and look at me now! haha x