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To my fellow fans of vintage-esque dresses and quirky slogan tees: I appreciate that you may have decided against installing the Modcloth app on your smartphone so that you don’t lose hours of your day lusting after gorgeous clothes you can’t justify the postage or the custom costs on. But you may be missing out, because it’s only with the app (and push notifications enabled, of course) that you’ll be the first to know about the US home of all things quirky’s semi-regular Stylish Surprise.

Modcloth Stylish Surprise

Stylish Surprise is effectively Modcloth’s ingenious way of clearing their shelves of past-season stock, combined with the subscription box nut’s love of mystery things in the post. You get to choose from dresses, other clothing, shoes and accessories at a low flat-rate fee, pop in your size and sit and wait to see what you get.

I’m a huge fan of a Modcloth shoe surprise – at its best, I once got a pair of knee-high boots (RRP $150) for $15 plus postage – but I have yet to romp home in the clothing stakes. Being large-of-chest, I’m between sizes and it goes up or down depending on the type of material and the stretchiness of the fabric. This time I decided to size up – and boy, was I glad I did!

Modcloth Stylish Surprise - dress by Bea and Dot

The stripe rose print dress is by Bea and Dot which, I believe, is one of Modcloth’s own labels. Obviously it’s nowhere to be found on the site now, but their dresses tend to retail for about $90 making my $15 purchase a style steal! It’s a study fabric with no give at all, which is why I’m glad I chose to size up on this one! Although the trade-off for being able to zip up the dress at the side seems to be a good bit of bra on show, which is why I chose to accessorise it with this super handy little wrap jumper by Collectif. Also, superhero flats and my new Crown and Glory meadow crown, because it is the most beautiful thing I own hence the fact I have included a picture of it in all its glory despite it having nothing to do with the topic of this post.

Crown and Glory Meadow Crown

My surprise shoes were a pair of gorgeous nude-blush high heels by Anne Michelle, which look like something you would wear to a very fancy sit-down dinner (or as a bridesmaid, assuming that anybody love-hated me the exact combination that would result in them choosing me as a bridesmaid and then forcing me to wear shoes I couldn’t walk in). Despite the ankle strap, the spindly heel on these means there is no point in me keeping them – if I’m going to have shoes I’m incapable of walking in, at least cover them with picnic prints and rainbows, right?

Modcloth Stylish Surprise - rosewater pearl shoes
Modcloth Stylish Surprise - rosewater pearl shoes

The shoes are by a brand called Anne Michelle and you can actually still find them on the Modcloth website – albeit not to buy – which means I can see that I got a pair of $50 shoes for $10. Not bad – and hey, it’s the chance you take with a Stylish Surprise. I’ll probably list these on Depop once I get back from America, unless one of you lovelies is desperate to take them off my hands (they’re a US 6.5, UK 4).

Have you ever ordered a Stylish Surprise? Would you buy clothes or shoes if you had no idea what you were getting?

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