learn to love the highway when you’re home: last month’s mix, november 2008

Winter is coming. The lights are going up, the nights are getting colder and, in her third floor flat somewhere on the less salubrious part of Glasgow’s south side, this blogger is – for the most part – fairly content. The emotional storm of recent weeks has passed, as it always does, and my cold rose has healed completely (odd, as the bruises I pick up all too quickly take forever to fade). I’ve even got my pulse down to something resembling normal during my nightly workouts at the gym!

I try to keep the private (if not always the personal), and certainly the professional, out of this blog as much as possible, but I suppose I won’t be doing any harm by mentioning that I’m being promoted at work. Not to worry though, faithful readers – when I have any free online time at all, I spend it with you first and foremost! I’m going to Edinburgh tomorrow afternoon, to meet a contact and get that last bit of full-time journalist out of my system before moving into my new role on Monday (although I’ll be keeping the magazine too, so our quarterly stress sessions shall perhaps get even more intense!). After my meeting I’m going to treat myself to the shoes I fell in love with last time I was in the city, if they even still have them, and then wander around the newly-opened Winter Wonderland with my battered Nikon.

I have a serious case of wanderlust this weather, so it’s just as well I’m away practically every weekend for the rest of the year. This weekend sees my reunion with the Web Hedgehog, aka the brains behind this wonderful site, at which I will hopefully not disgrace myself to the level I did on that fateful night we first met; and next weekend the Bezzer and I get to see Jesse Malin in – of all places – Putney. A family wedding down south, and Christmas in the Midlands, should keep me occupied until I can put together the plans and the money for an American trip.

But onto the pressing business – the last Last Month’s Mix of the year! Yes I know it’s only November, but if you thought it would be business as usual alongside that eagerly-anticipated (!) Last Year’s double-header you are very much mistaken! November 2008 has been a momentous month, personally and politically and everything in between, and if I’ve captured even a little of that here then I’ll have done very well indeed.

Coming Out In November: last month’s mix, November 2008
1. The Mountain Goats: “Waving At You”
2. David Vandervelde: “Someone Like You”
3. The Helio Sequence: “Everyone Knows Everyone”
4. The National: “Mr November”
5. Ryan Adams: “When The Stars Go Blue”
6. Herman Dune: “This Will Never Happen”
7. Kay Hanley: “Fall”
8. Kathleen Edwards: “Somewhere Else”
9. Okkervil River: “West Falls”
10. Frightened Rabbit: “Good Arms vs. Bad Arms” [live] 11. Phosphorescent: “Wolves”
12. Dresden Dolls ft. Franz Nikolai: “Ballad of a Teenage Queen”
13. Leona Naess: “Leave Your Boyfriends”
14. Absentee: “Bitchstealer”
15. Mark Kozelek: “Celebrated Summer”
16. Joanna Newsom: “Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie” [Ys Street Band version] 17. Marah: “Baby Love”


Monthly Most Played after the jump.

1. The Hold Steady, “Sequestered in Memphis” [=] 2. The Hold Steady, “Lord, I’m Discouraged” [=] 3= The Hold Steady, “Constructive Summer” [=] 3= The Hold Steady, “Magazines” [=] 5= Marah, “Walt Whitman Bridge” [=] 5= Matthew Ryan, “Dulce Et Decorum Est”
7. Steve Earle, “The Galway Girl” [RE] 8= Bruce Springsteen, “Thunder Road” [10] 8= The Hold Steady, “One For The Cutters” [7] 10= Dan Bern, “Chelsea Hotel” [NE] 10= Death Cab For Cutie, “I Will Posess Your Heart” [NE] 10= The Hold Steady, “Banging Camp” [=] 10= The National, “Thirsty” [8] 10= Read House Painters, “Have You Forgotten” [8] 10= Sun Kil Moon, “Lily and Parrots” [=]