little me will start a storm: last month’s mix, november 2011;

In which, even when she is being the world’s most rubbish and lazy music blogger, Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

December is the month in which the way I select music to listen to on my daily travels changes dramatically. Gone are the old favourites and the random selection of historical bits I’ve yet to get around to listening to. Instead I set up my playlists to consist of everything released in 2011 (some of which, okay, are fairly historical bits I’ve yet to get around to listening to) and the obligatory Christmas-themed music. I’ve got a month to get my head around what my favourites from this year might have been, although you’ve probably figured some of them out already.

So this is the last of 2011’s “traditional” mixes, before late December’s focusses on the best from the year overall. Yes, it’s about a week late by now. You might have noticed, but I was a little bit busy last week. Anyway, when you read this I will probably be on a plane to London so NAH NAH, I CAN’T HEAR YOU.

What’s been your favourite new discovery from this year’s mixes?

This Is All Going To End Badly: last month’s mix, November 2011

1. Trips and Falls: “This Is All Going To End Badly”
The titles of these mixes mostly pick themselves, you know: sometimes it doesn’t happen until I’m compiling the whole thing and playing it back in its entirety but sometimes, as was the case during November, I can be walking down the street and hear a line in my ear which I realise is perfect. Montreal’s Trips and Falls actually released their second album back in September on yer man’s Song, By Toad Records and this is me only getting around to featuring it just now. Oops.

2. The Oh Wells: “Closure”
A recommendation from my good friend Reilly over at Useless Cog, who fell for this band he described to me as a “female Wave Pictures” over the course of one weekend so hard he’d sent me the whole of their The EP That We Love (which I can’t find, but here’s a new one), from which this is taken, by the Monday. I’d say they’re more a Canadian Hello Saferide but I see where he’s coming from: lo-fi with fabulously witty lyrics. So I’ll watch the plastic stars on some other boy’s ceiling // he won’t know how to hurt my feelings or, as we say in Europe, telt, son.

3. The Salt Flats: “Never Going Back Again”
Female-fronted Belfast dream-pop record whole EP consisting of covers of Fleetwood Mac songs. If, like me, you agree this is genius you can download the whole thing for free.

4. Ane Brun: “Do You Remember”
Listen, there’s no way I can say this Norwegian singer has a voice like a foghorn and make it sound like a compliment, can I? I don’t care: it works, at least on this catchy lead single from last month’s It All Starts With One.

5. Mazzy Star: “Lay Myself Down”
Yes, Mazzy Star and their first new material for I think fifteen years? This double-A side, which is apparently the prelude to an album, is allegedly out on 7″ somewhere but since my research has drawn a blank you might just have to put up with an iTunes download.

6. The Stormy Seas: “Middle Man”
The Stormy Seas are from Edinburgh and I really, really like their forlorn brand of folk – I hope that they’ll figure it out from their inclusion on this mix, because I hadn’t gotten around to telling them so yet. It’s from new album Of Rust and Loss.

7. Bottle of Evil: “The Boatman”
For the second year running, I managed to call Radar Prize runner-up. Plus “smashing genre norms” was the best phrase I managed to write that entire week, and I write for a living. This is the opening tracks to new EP Inside Looking Out.

8. Lovers Turn To Monsters: “This Is Not A Mountain Goats Song”
This is probably my favourite song this year from the local king of bedroom confessionals, and it’s not even off of his latest (it’s actually off of this one). So I turned to Kyle the other night, I said to him “I’ve got a confession…”

9. The Mountain Goats: “Thucydides II-58”
…because this one is. In fact, it was John’s “twitter bonus” for getting to 25,000 followers.

10. The Gaslight Anthem: “Refugee” [iTunes session]
This year might have been all about the Horrible Crowes and Brian Fallon’s appearance with the Revival Tour (well, if you’re me) but yon Fallon’s other mob did an iTunes session too, featuring a new and reworked song and four covers – including this rockin’ Tom Petty one.

11. High On Stress: “Coattail Rider”
My pals from Minneapolis, the ‘Mats-influenced High On Stress, just sent me a copy of their new album Living Is A Dying Art. It needs a proper listen, but here’s a catchy one to start you off.

12. WILD FLAG: “Endless Talk”
These girls just happen to be the reason I’m going to London. Of course they later announced a Glasgow date (aka “did a Springsteen”) but there are plenty of other girls in our fair nation’s capital I’m just as excited to see. It’s from their self-titled debut, which if you haven’t heard already is MARVELLOUS.

13. Muncie Girls: “First Things First”
I was introduced to Exeter punks Muncie Girls through a fantastic Chuck Ragan cover that showed up on the Summerpunks podcast. They don’t have much available yet, but the cover and this track are among the demos they have up for free download over on Bandcamp.

14. Loch Lomond: “Blue Lead Fences”
Yes, they have a Scottish-sounding name. Yes, Little Me Will Start A Storm is the second time they’ve worked with a Scottish label. SHUT UP.

15. Damien Jurado: “Nothing is the News”
The first taste of Jurado’s new album Maraqopa, due February on Secretly Canadian.

[DOWNLOAD] This Is All Going to End Badly [zip, mp3]