merry christmas from scotland (lulled with a stiff drink);

When I was putting together my greatest hits post (or the one where “feminist rants” prove to be “kinda my thing”) as a little primer for the blog a couple of months back, I thought I’d start by manipulating one of the plugins I use that ranks posts by popularity. The thing was, I’ve been doing this for so long that when I tried, I got back all sorts of weird and wonderful daily diary entries about nothing in particular from back in 2006 or so, just after I made the switch from LiveJournal; all of which had about 35 comments underneath. I guess, back in those days, comments were the best way we had to communicate as bloggers (they were, after all, a very exciting step up from the single-site “guestbooks” we used to use).

These days, it’s so rare that I get comments (as opposed to social media interaction – I’m not a total loser) that they prompt me to do funny things. Like this year’s Christmas mix, which is brought to you firstly courtesy of Cindie from Newfoundland, who reached out asking me to re-upload last year’s; and secondly courtesy of everybody who replied in the affirmative when I asked if I should do one for 2014 when I hadn’t been planning to. For that reason you’ll find a track by St Johns’ favourite local sons Hey Rosetta! from their 2012 festive EP, as well as the usual mix of vintage jams and melancholy Scottish indie.

Even if you hate Christmas, you still need Randolph’s Leap covering The Muppets in your life.


They Faked Their Way Through Fairytale of New York, vol. 5: Christmas 2014
1. Randolph’s Leap: “One More Sleep ‘Til Christmas”
2. Dum Dum Girls: “On Christmas”
3. Wanda Jackson: “Rockabilly Santa Claus”
4. Rhett Miller & Sydney Wayser: “Christmas is Coming”
5. Wild Billy Childish: “A Poundland Christmas”
6. Butterfly Boucher: “Cinnamon and Chocolate”
7. Hey Rosetta!: “Carry Me Home”
8. Sleeping at Last: “White Christmas”
9. ballboy: “Pray for Murderers”
10. Lovers Turn to Monsters: “Blue Christmas”
11. Kay Martin & Her Bodyguards: “Santa’s Doing the Horizontal Twist”
12. Laurie Cameron: “Merry Christmas From Scotland (Lulled with a Stiff Drink)”
13. Arab Strap: “Xmas (Baby Please Come Home)”
14. Seafieldroad: “Don’t Let The Winter Freeze Your Heart”
15. Sarah J Stanley: “All I Want For Xmas”

DOWNLOAD: They Faked Their Way Through Fairytale of New York, vol. 5 [zipped .mp3s, 60MB] BONUS DOWNLOAD: Volume 4 (2013), which is back online!