Headphone Sex (Day 28 of 365)

Following on from the popularity of my traditional end-of-year mix CDs, I’ve been trying to post a mix to the blog on a monthly basis since the start of 2008. You’ll find the latest on my homepage, but here’s the archive.

Mar ’15: Wherever Is Your Heart, I Call Home
Feb ’15: Alone At The Show
Jan ’15: I Thought It Was Morning

2014 YEAR END: Before You Drop Another Verbal Bomb…
Christmas ’14: They Faked Their Way Through Fairytale of New York vol. 5

2013 YEAR END: Nostalgia Kills
Christmas ’13: They Faked Their Way Through Fairytale of New York vol. 4
Aug ’13: Cat Hair (I Shall Go to Heaven, You Shall Go to Glasgow)
Feb ’13: Hold On When You Get Love (And Let Go When You Give It)
Jan ’13: Attractive In The Wrong Direction

2012 YEAR END: Quit the Bitching on Yr Blog and Stop Pretending Art is Hard
Mar ’12: Go Get Your Suitcase, You’ve Blown Their Minds
Feb ’12 Noone Can Ever Know
Jan ’12: Zen And The Art Of…

2011 YEAR END: I Am So Bored Of Acoustic Guitars/Go Tell Everybody/Something Came Over Me
Nov ’11: This Is Going To End Badly
Oct ’11: …like it’s going outta style
Sep ’11: Baby We’re Just Walking Hazards
Aug ’11: All In The Reel of the Summer
Jul ’11: Noone Listens to the Band Anymore
Jun ’11: Always Take The Stage Like It’s the Last Night of Your Life
May ’11: I Will Still Be This Cynical When I Get Paid
Apr ’11: I Am Disappeared
Mar ’11: Could It Be That It Was Time For Me To Go
Feb ’11: Some Hearts Are Gallows, I’m Not Here For Hanging Around
Jan ’11: What Do I Know About Love Except Lovesongs

2010 YEAR END: The Way That You Light Up The Room When You Walk In/The Way You Lead The Crowd When You Sing
Nov ’10 When You Leave, Leave Something Of You With Them
Oct ’10: Bringing Colour to the Memories of Your Life
Sep ’10: Turning Led Zeppelin Into Gold
Aug ’10: Pull Out The Stops For Future Wife of the Month
Jul ’10: These Things Get Louder
Jun ’10: Jerry Lee Lewis Twenty Times A Day
May ’10: Teenage Anthems For The Drunk
Apr ’10: Eloquent Young Pilgrims
Mar ’10: I Don’t Know How You Learned That Look
Feb ’10: Because Four Chords Won’t Do
Jan ’10: If You Fall In Love, You Should Jump Right In

2009 YEAR END: You’ve Been Wishing Weeks Away/This Year’s Been Black and Blue
Nov ’09: The Stereo Just Ate The Mixtape That You Made
Oct ’09: If Virginia Is For Lovers, Clinton Avenue’s For Fools
Sep ’09: Party In The USA
Aug ’09: Why Modern Radio Is A-OK
Jul ’09: It Doesn’t Have To Be Beautiful
Jun ’09: Ten Years From Teenage
May ’09: Have Love, Will Travel
Apr ’09: Handful of Chestnuts, Mouthful of April Rain
Mar ’09: As Bad As It’s Been, Hasn’t Killed You Yet
Feb ’09: Dylan Is A Sentiment That You Don’t Want To Share
Jan ’09: Always Kinda, Sorta Wished I Looked Like Elvis

2008 YEAR END: The Last Significant Statement in Rock N Roll/I Think I’ll Wait Another Year
Nov ’08: Coming Out In November
Oct ’08: Lend Me Your Ears
Sep ’08: Live In Melbourne
Aug ’08: Grey Weather
Jul ’08: Her Mascara Was Born To Run
Jun ’08: Let There Be Rock!
May ’08: Living Out Frank Coppola’s Dreams
Apr ’08: Staying In Is The New Going Out
Mar ’08: Didn’t Know God Made Honkeytonk Angels
Feb ’08: I Don’t Know Darlin’, But We’re Coming To The Chorus Now
Jan ’08: “distinguished colleagues, dead music writers, brides, i apologise”