old numbers you never forget: last month’s mix, february 2013;

In which, even when she is being the world’s (second) most rubbish and lazy music blogger (from Paisley), Lis puts together a selection of songs that have caught her attention through the joys of iTunes shuffle this month.

It’s not worth apologising for the lateness of this: I’ve not been well. But here, eventually, is a selection of the songs I listened to and enjoyed in February.

Hold On When You Get Love (And Let Go When You Give It): last month’s mix, February 2013

1. Gospel Claws: “Looming Darkness”
Arizona indie rock – this is taken from their album Put Your Sunshine Away, which came out at the end of last year.

2. Stars: “Hold On When You Get Love and Let Go When You Give It
And yet I still haven’t listened properly to Stars’ last album, The North. I love this though.

3. Adam Stafford: “Sound of Fear Evaporating”
The songwriter behind one of my favourite songs of last year is releasing an album on Edinburgh’s Song, By Toad Records this year and it is good. Imaginary Walls Collapse isn’t out until July, but in the meantime you can hear this stunning track (with guest vocals from Siobhan Wilson) on the label’s annual sampler.

4. Golden Grrrls: “Paul Simon”
You already knew I was into this magnificent, part-Glasgow scuzz-pop though, right? From the band’s self-titled debut.

5. Tegan & Sara: “Closer”
I really liked this too, even if the considerably more electropop leanings of Canada’s most famous twins aren’t what I always loved about them. They’re playing Glasgow on my birthday! From Heartthrob, which came out in February.

6. Dinosaur Jr.: “Feel the Pain”
Turns out the legendary slacker rockers aren’t one of those bands by whom you know more songs than you think you do, but I still enjoyed getting to see them at the end of January. This song – from their 1994 album Without a Sound – was one of the highlights that night.

7. Blood Red Shoes: “Red River”
So soon after last year’s In Time To Voices, the ferocious Brighton duo already have new material available in the form of their Water EP.

8. Elin Ruth: “Bang”
I’m not sure whether the Swedish songwriter has new material on the go – the fact that at a good half of her albums have been called some variation of her name gets confusing – but that’s usually the reason for free Noisetrade samplers, and hers went up in January. This sultry, seductively melodic song is pretty wonderful.

9. Junip: “Line of Fire”
Junip is a Swedish trio fronted by Jose Gonzales, most famous for his delicate cover of The Knife’s “Heartbeats” along with his own delicate, understated work. You’ll find the vocals familiar, but Junip’s work is much richer. The band’s self-titled debut is out later this month, I believe, but this track was a free download earlier in the year.

10. Mike Doughty: “Mistress”
To rip off the blurb I wrote about The Flip Is Another Honey, Doughty’s recent covers album, for a recent issue of Music Week, those who doubt his commitment to reinvention obviously haven’t been paying attention – and I love his reworking of this Red House Painters song. Incidentally, Doughty has recently embarked on a Kickstarter project to fund his reclamation of his Soul Coughing material, prompted by his recent autobiography The Book of Drugs.

11. Beat Radio: “Hard Times, Go!”
I feel as if Beat Radio are my band, to a certain extent, even though Brian Sendowitz is on the other side of the Atlantic and I am yet to see his project live. That’s Kickstarter for you, I guess. Hard Times, Go! the album is the band’s second crowdfunded vinyl release, but you can get the digital version and a whole bunch of freebies on Bandcamp as well if that’s your poison.

12. Rose Parade: “Sue”
I’ve had my eye on Ayrshire band Rose Parade for a while, so it’s pretty exciting that they have now gotten around to releasing their self-titled debut album. There will be a proper feature on this lot soon, I reckon.

13. Run/Lucky/Free: “Red Blood, Blue Heart”
I was sad to hear that Run/Lucky/Free, a band I interviewed back in 2011, called it a day earlier this year – but they left us a little more music to be getting on with in the form of EP Let Me Go, and Daniel and Rachel plan to continue to work together.

14. Kimmy Reader: “I Would Not Stay”
I had a tendency to fall behind long before now, given the sheer volume of music I receive on a daily basis, but with Somerset-born songwriter Kimmy Reader I’ve been even worse than usual: according to a quick inbox search, this track was released as a single when she supported Katy B last July! If you like what you hear The Towering EP, which the track also appears on, is free to download at Bandcamp.

15. Caitlin Rose: “Old Numbers”
When I played a track by this young Nashville songwriter on TYCI Radio Halina thought she was dull, and while I can see where she was coming from there are moments on Caitlin Rose’s The Stand In that raise the album above the norm and this torch song to drunk-dials is definitely one of them. I credit the voice, which comes across like what Zooey Deschanel never quite managed as the “She” to M Ward’s “Him”.

DOWNLOAD: Hold On When You Get Love (And Let Go When You Give It) [69MB, zipped mp3s]