orange lucozade and terrible puns: the min diesel interview;

Five hours sleep and back in the office. DO NOT WANT. I have many things to write about, few of which are eloquent, and will be back at the airport at ridiculous o’clock on Wednesday morning for a day in our London office, so who knows how many of them I’ll get through this week. Curious: what comprises a “red eye” flight? Is it to do with timing, or how awful you feel by the end of it? Given I’m unlikely to have recovered from the transatlantic jetlag by midweek, I suspect my 5am start counts. And as this one it work-related, I’m entitled to moan about it.

Min Diesel are our featured band this week – they love terrible puns, know one of my Dundee pals (although the band are mostly from Aberdeen) and they’re playing Glasgow later this week. I chatted to the three-piece’s drummer, Stu, a couple of weeks back.

Who’s in the band, and how did you get together?
Min Diesel is comprised of guitarist Zippy, bassist Dave and myself, drummer Stu. We all sing but Zippy sings mostly.

I met Zippy about three years ago in a church in Aberdeen. This church had been converted into an awful nightclub, the kind of place neither of us would frequent. We talked about music to distract ourselves from our godforsaken surroundings and decided to meet up and make music at a later date. I knew Dave cos he put on gigs with my old band and knew he was keen on the same music as me and Zippy.

Three words to describe your sound…
We’re terrible at this so we usually just call it “mindie-rock”.

What influences you?
We all like Dinosaur Jr, Pavement, Stapleton, Guided by Voices. I dunno how much we sound like any of them though. We also all drink a lot of orange Lucozade.

What releases/shows do you have planned at the moment?
We have a CB out at the moment called Mínage à Twa. It’s available to buy at BigCartel or stream on Bandcamp. Our friend Callum did the artwork which is slightly risqué but dead smart. The packaging is made out of recycled card, so buying our record is a way of doing your bit for the environment. Maybe.

And what are you listening to at the moment?
I’ve been lucky enough to have a preview of the forthcoming Wonderkid LP by Carson Wells, another Aberdeen band. Sorta like At The Drive-in but more intricate I guess. Definitely a band I’d recommend to anyone who likes loud, mathy music.

Min Diesel upcoming live dates
13/09 Glasgow, Bloc w/ Mondegreen, We’re Only Afraid Of NYC
15/09 Aberdeen, Cellar 35 w/ Caaps, Suspire
29/09 Edinburgh, Sneaky Pete’s w/ Black International
10/10 Aberdeen, The Tunnels w/ Fat Goth, Tacobonds, Caaps
18/10 Aberdeen, The Tunnels w/ Johnny Foreigner

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