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What do you get for the man who has everything? It’s a well-worn cliché, and one that crops up around here every Fathers’ Day. It’s not so much that my dad has everything as that he wants nothing, or that the things that he wants – a good dinner, a winning coupon and six holidays a year – are difficult to gift-wrap. It doesn’t help that (i) his birthday tends to fall about six weeks before Fathers’ Day; (ii) my mum’s birthday is generally on or just before the designated day (happy birthday for tomorrow, Mummy!) – meaning that by the time mid-June rolls around my sister and I are generally exhausted for ideas. This is my dad:

There are so many reasons this man deserves to be celebrated: for always often being willing to pick his daughters up from the airport (or popping the necessary taxi fare into their bank accounts when it’s just a little too early); for the poems he always takes the time to write in birthday or Christmas cards; for keeping us supplied in yellow-stickered meat in the reduced to clear bins at Morrisons. So when the St. Enoch Centre asked me to pop in and pick him up a present, I jumped at the chance.

The problem, as I saw it, was what to get him. The St. Enoch Centre has so many options: there’s the Perfume Shop and Boots for toiletries and aftershave, Burton and Debenhams for clothes and Hotel Chocolat and Thorntons for tasty treats – and that’s just me reeling off the most obvious options. And while my dad has never not appreciated a gift, he did once successfully return a CD I got him to Our Price in the Paisley Centre – which was particularly impressive as I hadn’t bought it from Our Price. So – and I’m aware that this isn’t the most orthodox of approaches, I called and asked him just before he jetted off to Greece on holiday. The man loves his retirement.

He asked for a bottle of brandy.

The one thing that the St. Enoch Centre doesn’t have is a booze shop.

Undeterred, I headed in regardless to see what I could find.

St Enoch Centre: dad or chips card from Clintons
St Enoch Centre - Daddy Cool bear from Clintons

My first stop was Debenhams: I figured that the closest I was going to get to that mythical bottle of brandy would be if everybody’s favourite department store had some alcohol-related gifts, as they often do around Christmas time. Unfortunately, when I asked, that turned out to by restricted just to Christmas time – although they did have a lot of quirky gifts dotted around the store that were relevant to my dad’s interests.

St Enoch Centre: Most Pointless Things in the World book from Debenhams
St Enoch Centre: Star Wars Feel the Force mug from Debenhams

St Enoch Centre: wallet moustache mirror from Debenhams

I don’t think he needs one of these though…

It was also nice to see that the mannequins had donned their best Eric-inspired ‘taches in honour of Fathers’ Day.

St Enoch Centre - Debenhams mannequins
St Enoch Centre - vintage games at Debenhams

I really liked these vintage-style garden games Debenhams had including rounders, ring-toss and wooden skittles: while I suspect that my dad wouldn’t get much use out of them, they’d be great fun on a sunny Sunday afternoon and are a really quirky gift. Debenhams also had a great range of t-shirts: this Northern Soul one was my favourite, although it’s not really my dad’s style (not that he’d suit the one below it, from BHS, either – honest).

St Enoch Centre: Debenhams Northern soul t-shirt
St Enoch Centre: Jurassic Dad t-shirt, BHS

Now as I’ve already hinted, one of the best things about the St. Enoch Centre is the number of shops there are to choose from in one central space – and, with late night shopping until 7pm Monday-Friday, it’s really easy to pop along after work for that perfect gift if you’re city centre-based like me. It’s a selection of shops that has grown considerably in recent years, with classy new additions in the stylish glass extension including a Tesco Metro. Which, it turns out, accepts St Enoch Centre gift cards.

St Enoch Centre - Fathers Day at Thorntons

St Enoch Centre Courvoisier at Tesco

All this and a yellow sticker too!

I’m going to have a very happy dad on Sunday – not least because he will still be in Greece! But at least he’s got something to look forward to when he gets home…

If you end up in the St. Enoch Centre this week for your last-minute Fathers’ Day gifts, make sure to pop up the stairs where you’ll find the Scottish Blood Transfusion Service’s temporary donor centre across from Debenhams until Saturday. I’m a blood donor, and I’d encourage anybody who can to give blood – not least because, after I finished this shopping trip, I headed out to the new South Glasgow Hospital to see the bestie who was admitted on Friday night for what has now been several blood transfusions. She will hopefully be getting home as you read this – but I was happy that there was a little extra left on my St. Enoch Centre gift card to pick up some bits and pieces to cheer her up.

What do you have planned for Fathers’ Day? Is your dad a nightmare to shop for too?

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  1. June 16, 2015 / 9:15 am

    My dad is such a nightmare when it comes to presents. A couple of years ago I bought him two Monty Python DVDs – which he asked for – and they have been sitting in the cellophane wrapping ever since Christmas Day. Hmph. One year he was getting a bit cheeky with my mum when she was asking what to get him and asked for a t-shirt with an alsatian on and a singing Christmas jumper… she got him exactly that. When I was younger I used to buy him multipacks of chewing gum for Father’s Day (he’s allergic to chocolate) and that’s probably the most used present I’ve ever got him, aside from the now customary bottle of Jagermeister.

    Hope your bestie is doing better now. xxx

    • June 16, 2015 / 10:01 am

      Well, he did ask for it! My dad’s partner gets him a singing Christmas card every year. I think she challenges herself to find the most ridiculous one that she can just to annoy him…

      Hoping Sarah gets out today, fingers crossed x

  2. June 16, 2015 / 2:11 pm

    My dad is an absolute NIGHTMARE to buy for!! He’s good at listing stuff he ‘doesn’t’ want which usually leaves nothing to choose from haha! Was laughing at your dad returning the CD (and getting a refund) at the wrong shop hahah! Great post lovely xx