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Please forgive the awful pun in the title of this post, but Lush’s new shop on Buchanan St (across the road from the old one, at #78) is absolutely glorious. After what I believe was 15 years in their old location, the up-and-downstairs on the corner of Buchanan and Gordon St, it was probably time for a change after all. The old shop had its charms – I should know, I was never out of the place – but the new location is airy and spacious. I have friends who’ve complained that they can never walk by the place without getting a headache from so many sickly-sweet smells compounded into such a small location: that’s not really a problem for the new shop.

Gorilla Perfume cabinet of wonders at the new Lush Buchanan St

Gorilla Perfume cabinet of wonders at the new Lush Buchanan St

Not that you could really tell on Friday night with so many press, bloggers and VIPs squeezed into the space for a sneak preview of what the new shop had to offer. It was hard to move for warm bodies and trays of canapes, but the attentiveness and attention to detail that the staff are famous for was obvious even under pressure. There were product demonstrations galore (including a chance to get hands-on and make your own Comforter bubble bar, although in my case that went horribly wrong in the heat); incredible jasmine-based chocolate truffles inspired by Lush perfumes by local chocolatier Sonndra Catto; vegan chocolate cake topped with edible Lush goodies made by a staff member; and, of course, some take-home goodies for us bloggers featuring Lush’s latest products…

Special take-home box from Lush

Lush take-home box - inside

It’s hard work being a blogger…

By far the new product that has gotten friends and family most interested is the D-Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap, which is so new it doesn’t even seem to be listed on their website yet! I confess that I’m yet to use it, hairy-legged feminist that I am, but I’m aware that if I don’t get a move on my sister will nick it so I doubt it will last. It has the texture of a strawberry mousse and smells absolutely heavenly. I can, however, heartily recommend the African Paradise body conditioner, which I tried out in the shop: you can use it on your skin in the shower and rinse it off just like a hair conditioner, and it leaves your skin feeling like eiderdown.

Lush make-up counter
Cheesy lipgloss selfie

By far my favourite feature of the new shop is the gorgeous dressing-room style make-up counter and mirror where you can try out Lush’s all-natural colour supplements and foundations, eye colours and lip colours. I’ve been in the market for new lip colour for a long time and I couldn’t resist trying something from one of their Alice in Wonderland-style little bottles. In fact, despite telling myself that I was going to limit my spending until payday I had to go back on Saturday to pick up a bottle of Power from the ‘Emotional Brilliance’ range. Perhaps two days is too early to call something my new go-to product, but it’s gorgeous: a shimmery orangey-red long-lasting lip-stain that’s incredibly flattering for my skin tone.

So, it’s fair to say that Lush will still be counting me as a regular despite the… um… massive distance that the place has moved. Pop in if you’ve never been before (she says, undoubtedly preaching to the converted) and let me know what you discover.

LOCATION: 78 Buchanan Street, G1 3HA
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