all the pain you’ve been through will be the making of you: last year’s mix, 2014;

It’s the last 2014 post of 2015! HURRAH!

(Actually, I’d have done this sooner but I a. was too busy researching EU VAT law; b. ran out of CDs to make my backups on. I’d come up with a more technological method of doing so, but I don’t wanna. As of this Christmas, I am now the proud owner of my first-ever laptop without a CD drive, which is all the more reason for you kids to stop sending me unsolicited CDs through the post this year. LOVE YOU BYE.)

"before you drop another verbal bomb..."

TRACKLIST! Vol. 1: 1. Taylor Swift, “Wonderland”; 1. Speedy Ortiz, “Everything’s Bigger”; 3. Nicole Atkins, “Girl You Look Amazing”; 4. Against Me!, “FUCKMYLIFE666”; 5. Old 97’s, “Let’s Get Drunk and Get It On”; 6. HEYROCCO, “Melt”; 7. Ex Hex, “Radio On”; 8. Au Revoir Simone, “Somebody Who” [Machines in Heaven remix]; 9. Tori Amos, “16 Shades of Blue”; 10. Honeyblood, “Biro”; 11. The Twilight Sad, “There’s a Girl in the Corner”; 12. The Menzingers, “I Don’t Wanna Be an Asshole Anymore”; 13. Fear of Men, “Luna”; 14. Interpol, “All the Rage Back Home” [chosen by Abigail]; 15. The Hold Steady, “Spinners”; 16. Broken Records, “So Long, So Late”; 17. Stanley Odd, “Pastime” [download 84.9MB zip file]

Vol. 2: 1. Bruce Springsteen, “The Wall”; 2. The Gaslight Anthem, “Stay Vicious”; 3. Hurray for the Riff Raff, “The Body Electric”; 4. Dave Hughes & the Renegade Folk Punk Band, “Doctors and Dates”; 5. Restorations, “The Future”; 6. Stars, “The Stranger”; 7. Annie Eve, “Bedtime”; 8. The New Pornographers, “Dancehall Domine”; 9. The Griswolds, “Right On Track”; 10. Love Starved Women of Beatnik Island, “Are You a Song?”; 11. Ravioli Me Away, “One Kiss”; 12. Cayetana, “Ella”; 13. Chris Devotion & the Expectations, “I Won’t Believe You”; 14. Jonnie Common, “Crumbs”; 15. Eliza Shaddad, “Waters”; 16. Ben Howard, “End of the Affair”; 17. Alex Dezen, “Death Metal and Disco” [download 83MB zip file]

Vol. 3: 1. Randolph’s Leap, “I Can’t Dance to This Music Anymore”; 2. EMA, “Neuromancer”; 3. Warpaint, “Love is to Die”; 4. Malka Spigel, “Tall Grey Buildings”; 5. Rachael Dadd, “Strike Our Scythes”; 6. Alvvays, “Next of Kin” [chosen by Richy]; 7. Sharon van Etten, “Tarifa”; 8. Mark McCabe, “That Time I Almost Killed Martin”; 9. Meursault, “A Kind of Cure”; 10. Owen Pallett, “In Conflict” [chosen by Kate]; 11. Lydia Loveless, “Chris Isaak”; 12. Pip Mountjoy, “Riverbed”; 13. Ryan Adams, “My Wrecking Ball”; 14. The Second Hand Marching Band, “Bypass”; 15. The Last Battle, “Wherever Our Feet Take Us”; 16. Withered Hand, “Between Love and Ruin”; 17. Frank Turner, “Sweet Albion Blues” [download 85.6MB zip file]