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Regular readers may remember that, a few months ago, I stumbled across what I believed to be the greatest subscription box of all time. The Cat Lady Box had, as you may remember, one debilitating flaw: as a US-based subscription, you ended up paying about as much in postage as you did for your goodies. Little did I know, however, just a few hundred miles from my own living room something very exciting was brewing indeed.

Ladies (and gentlemen, but let’s get real for a second here – this one’s probably aimed at the ladies): allow me to introduce you to My Purrfect Gift Box. And it. Is. Amazing.

My Purrfect Gift Box - Review
My Purrfect Gift Box - Review

British Isles-based (so no gasp-inducing shipping fees), My Purrfect Gift Box offers a monthly selection of lovingly curated gifts for both cats and the people who love them. Subscriptions are priced at between £15.99 and £27.99 plus postage a month, depending on how long you are willing to commit for – and whether the contents are just for yourself or for your furry friend(s) too. And, best of all, a portion of your subscription cost goes to support a different UK-based cat charity, rescue centre or animal shelter every month.

After My Purrfect Gift Box spotted that I had a birthday coming up, they offered to send me (and Scooter and the Big Man) their first two boxes to see what we thought of them. This means that, as June’s My Purrfect Gift Box is only the young company’s third, I have seen every box that they have produced to date – which means it is with every confidence I am able to report that the selection of products in this box is absolutely fantastic.

My Purrfect Gift Box - April Showers box
My Purrfect Gift Box - April Showers box

It all started with a print. April’s box* – aka The One Where It All Began – was themed around April Showers, and inspired by the cute print by AmyLyn Birhle that came ready-framed in the box. And it could hardly have been an April Showers-themed box without the gorgeous Japanese-style cat-printed umbrella, which I fell in love with immediately upon first reading about the concept on Holly’s blog, Closing Winter.

April’s box also contained some pretty notecards and temporary cat tattoos, as well as some intriguing-looking paper cats full of flower seeds that I can plant in my back garden (“but will they grow in the shape of cats?” asks Cassy, who’s visiting for what will be tonight’s Bruce Springsteen show by the time you read this, from the other sofa). But as thoughtful as each of those gifts were, they paled in comparison to the cat treats – which, as well as including the obligatory catnip fishie from lush indie brand Freak Meowt, above, also featured what has to be the greatest wand toy that Scoot and Biggie have ever come across.

My Purrfect Gift Box - April wand toy
My Purrfect Gift Box - April wand toy

You probably think – assuming, which is of course quite unlikely, that you have ever thought about them at all – that wand toys are pretty easy to get right. Take a stick, pop some feathers and a jangly bell on the end of it, boom, am I right? Which is what makes this little number so clever – the springy, wire structure means it practically mimics real prey with the minimum of human effort, as tested by me having a conversation with my pal while keeping Scooter amused for a good half hour.

After all that, it was tough to see how May’s Spring Into Style box* could compete. That was, until we opened it…

My Purrfect Gift Box - Spring Into Style
My Purrfect Gift Box - Spring Into Style

The soft leather-look pink wallet packed at the top of the box was showstopper enough, until I peered underneath to take a look at the delights below – which included a silky scarf covered in gold foil-print cats and a colourful, cosy blanket for the kitties to fight over. The box also included a fabric collar with a cute cat charm, colourful cat blanket and edible treats for both myself and my cats – presuming I manage not to mix up my chocolate with their salmon-flavoured kibble, anyway.

I mentioned above that My Purrfect Gift Box comes in at a range of price points, which are designed to suit most budgets. Opting for the “lite” box with a kitty add-on would get you all of the bits I mentioned above – but “standard” subscribers last month would also have received some adorable cat-print fabric buttons and a really beautiful, one-of-a-kind necklace filled with dried flowers. I’m not sure why a cat-shaped necklace would call for dried flowers inside, but it’s such a gorgeous statement piece that I really don’t care.

My Purrfect Gift Box - Cat Lover Chocolate
My Purrfect Gift Box - Biggie in a Box

What really stands out about this box is the care that business owners Kim and Juan Kniveton, who also run the Boodee Beg Boarding Cattery on the Isle of Man, put into sourcing the products that make up each box – a quick read of the card that accompanies the monthly box will introduce you to all sorts of wonderful Etsy sellers and small businesses. My Purrfect Gift Box really is a labour of love for the pair of them, fuelled by their love of cats – and I can’t wait to see what they come up with for June’s holiday-themed box.

Oh, and the treats also came in really handy for soothing bruised egos after this month’s kitty mani-pedi appointment…

My Purrfect Gift Box - Scooter mani-pedi

What do you think of this box?

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