regardez, ecoutez et repetez: last year’s mixes, 2008;

“I’m sorry,” Jay called through in response to my squeal from the bedroom floor. “Well, that’s you lost two in one go, isn’t it?”

I don’t think at any stage have I ever suggested that I fancy Ben Gibbard.

Over the past couple of days, us regular inhabitants of Monkey Towers have had to adjust from the warmth of Jay’s grandmother’s house to these cold rooms our central heating struggles to fill. If it’s minus eight or something outside tonight, it has to be minus four in here. Thank the stars for fluffy slipper-socks and new pyjamas. It’s been a nice, if disorientating, Christmas too – with lots of great gifts including trainers for the gym, the GHDs I asked my siblings for and money that has since gone the way of a Nintendo Wii. I’m a lucky girl.

This year’s mixes were fun to make, despite the added challenge of not wanting to include anything previously featured on a monthly download. Some songs I specifically held back, while others caused a bit of a scene. But the dead time before Christmas and Hogmanay while the year waits to die is the perfect time to have a bit of a clear-out, not least because there are presents to make room for! So I’ve spent this evening dancing around to the first half of the first disk in particular, while trying on a selection of ancient polka-dotted dresses. I’m tempted to draw up a Venn diagram based on my wardrobe; illustrating the overlaps between yellow, blue and black-and-white, spots and stripes and petticoats.

My self-deprecating streak does not like to assume that people have strong opinions on what I do here, but if I was to continue our monthly mix club when this blog returns in 2009 would there be any interest?

I hope 2009 is a great year for all of us. I’m itching to get started already.


vol. 1: The Last Significant Statement in Rock n Roll [.zip}
vol. 2: I Think I’ll Wait Another Year [.zip]

In the absence of AOTM to allow me to do this tidily, tracklistings after the jump.

vol. 1: The Last Significant Statement in Rock n Roll
1. Marah: “Can’t Take It With You…”
2. Matthew Ryan: “American Dirt”
3. Okkervil River: “Singer Songwriter”
4. MJ Hibbert: “Do The Indie Kid”
5. Jenny Lewis ft. Elvis Costello: “Carpetbaggers”
6. The Mountain Goats: “Lovecraft in Brooklyn” (Aesop Rock Remix)
7. Be Your Own Pet: “Heart Throb”
8. The Indelicates: “The Last Significant Statement to be Made in Rock n Roll”
9. Chris Walla: “The Score”
10. The Gaslight Anthem: “Wherefore Art Thou, Elvis?”
11. The Duke Spirit: “Send A Little Love Token”
12. Bob Mould: The Silence Between Us”
13. The Hold Steady: “Yeah Sapphire”
14. The Watson Twins: “How Am I To Be”
15. Whiskeytown: “Kiss and Make-Up”
16. High on Stress: “Memorial Day”
17. Vivian Girls: “Where Do You Run To”
18. Bruce Springsteen ft. Tom Morello: “The Ghost of Tom Joad”
19. Paul Westerberg: “Finally Here Once”

vol. 2: I Think I’ll Wait Another Year
1. The National: “You’ve Done It Again, Virginia”
2. Destroyer: “Dark Leaves Form A Thread”
3. Emiliana Torrini: “Big Jumps”
4. Lisa Hannigan: “Sea Song”
5. Sera Cahoone: “Only As The Day Is Long”
6. Laura Marling: “Failure”
7. Cat Power: “Song To Bobby”
8. Ben Nichols: “Toadvine”
9. Bon Iver: “Re: Stacks”
10. Kathleen Edwards: “Sure As Shit”
11. Kathryn Williams & Neil MacColl: “Innocent When You Dream”
12. Frightened Rabbit: “The Modern Leper”
13. Death Cab For Cutie: “Cath…”
14. Emmy The Great: “We Almost Had A Baby”
15. Sun Kil Moon: “Like The River”
16. Ryan Adams & the Cardinals: “Cobwebs”
17. Amanda Palmer: “Another Year: A Short History of Almost Something”
18. Leona Naess ft, Ryan Adams: “Leave Your Boyfriends Behind”